One of New Hampshire’s top Democrats has launched a bid to run for governor

Manchester Mayor Joyce Craig announced on Tuesday that she would seeking democratic elections for the governor of New Hampshire even the Republican leader Chris Sununu is not sure if he will retire. Sununu, who spent months flirting with the presidential campaign before choosing himself he said last month that “I don’t think I’m going to run again,” though he added that he will decide sometime this summer.

But Craig, who runs the state’s largest city, argued to NBC that he would not allow the governor’s talks to interfere with his campaign, and used another interview with WMUR to say. wrong answer to the state’s opioid crisis. Mayor and Cinde Warmingtonwho is the only member of his party on the Executive Council, in the primaries.

Craig won office in 2017 by unseating Republican Mayor Ted Gatsas 53-47 two years later short by 85 votes, a victory that made him the city’s first Democratic mayor in a decade. The mayor of Manchester is often discussed as a candidate for the top job, especially because of the low number of elected positions in the state in New Hampshire (the governor and his two US senators are elected by the entire state), although Craig did not show. any interest in long-term promotion.

That changed in March, when he announced he would not want to be re-elected to his current job this fall. The mayor continued to form a commission of inquiry from early May until raising campaign funds for the governor, a strong signal that he will indeed initiate.

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