Notre Dame Professor Sues Student Newspaper Over Abortion Report


A pro-abortionist Our Lady a professor is suing the student newspaper that reported on him tumors abortion reviews, saying that the report bothered him. The student newspaper called the claims “absolutely false.”

Notre Dame professor Tamara Kay is taking issue with two articles from The Rover, the school’s regular student-run newspaper. Catholic University. One of these issues, dated September 2022, lighting fixtures that Kay was donating on social media to help students get abortions and said that she pretended to support abortion “her positions are well aligned” with Catholic Church.

Others, dated March 2023, covered Kay’s show for Our Lady Democrats in College.

The Rover reported that Kay announced her willingness to support abortion with a sign on her office door that read: “This is a SAFE PLACE to get help and information on ALL health issues and opportunities – in privacy and care and compassion.”

Kay’s actions followed the Indiana Legislature’s September 2022 passage of the law ban on abortion nationwide. Notre Dame is a private Catholic university, and the Catholic Church has made that clear abortion a crime involving a person’s life.

Kay’s May 2023 complaint specifically names W. Joseph DeReuil, former editor of The Rover and writer of the September 2022 column, and Luke Thompson, political editor of The Rover last year and writer of the March 2023 column. .

He claims that The Rover’s articles were false and defamatory and that the magazine’s journalists never spoke to him – to put it bluntly that he “didn’t say” several of the statements made by The Rover.

Neither Kay nor Notre Dame immediately responded to The Daily Signal’s request.

And DeReuil says everything The Rover published was true.

Eagles are seen during the University of Notre Dame’s game between the Notre Dame Fighting Irish and the Clemson Tigers at Notre Dame Stadium on Nov. 7, 2020 in South Bend, Indiana. (Photo: Matt Cashore-Pool/Getty Images)

“Through all the complaints that Professor Kay has filed against Rover, and even in the case itself, it is still unclear to me what he is arguing against in his testimony against abortion,” Joe DeReuil. he told The Daily Signal. “Rover’s reports just brought this to life in Notre Dame.”

“I’m not worried at all about the outcome of this case,” he said. “I know that everything we have published is true and written in good faith, so I hope that this case will be decided in favor of Irish Rover.”

And in a stick episode called “We Will Not Be Silent,” The Rover pushed Kay back with what he said.

“What Professor Kay argues Rover it is completely false,” said The Rover. “And his case is only the latest in a series of baseless attacks by a professor against graduates of his university who were interested in publishing accurate information about his abortion claims.”

Wallace White, a former intern at The Heritage Foundation and The Daily Signal, contributed to this report.

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