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Photo credit: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Jenelle Evansex, Nathan Griffithhe says he killed his own sister before being arrested for battery in Las Vegas on Wednesday, July 12, according to a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department police report. Hollywood life accessed on July 14. First Young Women 2 Star, 35, had been staying at her sister’s house for several weeks when the altercation took place, although she denied any wrongdoing. The report said Nathan began yelling at the officers that they “didn’t touch him” when they arrived. The report said he smelled of alcohol and was muffled.

Nathan Griffith mugshot
Nathan Griffith was booked in Las Vegas on July 12, 2023 for killing his sister (Photo: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department)

When the police entered the house, they found Nathan’s sister apparently shaken. There was “visible redness on the lower left side of her neck”, as well as petechiae, or red, purple, or purple spots, around her eyes, the police report revealed. When she calmed down to explain what had happened, she said that she and Nathan – who were drunk – began arguing about her past anger towards her family. The conversation inspired Nathan to “catch it [his sister] throat with his right hand and pushed him down to the kitchen floor,” according to the police report. Nathan continued to “climb” his sister “and squeeze her neck”.

It is said that Nathan squeezed his neck until he passed out before he went out and did this. “Within a few minutes Nathan is stuck [his sister’s] throat, repeatedly said, ‘You will submit to me,’” the police report continued.

Nathan said that his sister was abusing him while talking to the police, but he was not hurt. He said his sister pointed a gun at him, but surveillance footage showed it was a Taser and was pointed at the ceiling, not at him.

When the police caught him, it is said that Nathan started banging on the window of the police car and threatening to kill himself. The police report said she continued to “scream and cry incoherently” until she was taken into custody.

Nathan Griffith
Nathan Griffith appeared on ‘Teen Mom 2’ with Jenelle Evans (Image: MTV/YouTube)

Nathan and Jenelle have a 9-year-old son, Kaiser. Their troubled relationship was documented Young Women 2 up to two they ended their relationship in 2015. Nathan got married Mrs. Oyola in 2022, at Us Weekly, but when the argument happened at the house was not there. It is said that Nathan was living with his sister because his family started having problems.

Months before his arrest in Las Vegas, Nathan was charged with domestic battery in the stabbing of an unnamed woman in February, according to PEOPLE. The case was dismissed in March.

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