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Turkey accepts Sweden’s NATO bid and Jenin refugees fight Israeli invasion – here’s the Middle East this week.

Hundreds of black African refugees and migrants stranded on Tunisia’s desolate border are missing, dead or suffering. Turkey has said it will accept NATO’s invitation to Sweden. And refugees from Jenin are trying to return to Israel after being insulted. Here’s the Middle East this week:

Tunisia expels black immigrants

They were very thirsty, they drinking sea water. Left without water, food, or protection from the sun, Black African refugees and migrants who were driven from the city of Sfax to the desolate areas on the Tunisian border were the culmination of what many say has been months of racist abuse.

There were hundreds surrounded, driven for more than three hours and left Ben Guerdane, the Tunisian-Libyan border area. Some were driven to the Algerian border.

Some people were returned from the border of Libya to towns in the south of Tunisia, with strong protection, but many still trapped in a dangerous desert, complaining about being beaten and tortured by the Tunisian police. Meanwhile, contact is lost the remaining group is near Algeria and the bodies of two men have been taken from where they were last seen.

Human rights groups have said the removal is illegal, encouraging Tunisia to stop them and allow them to receive public assistance. Tunisian President Kais Saied they deny that refugees are being treated poorlyhe insists that he is receiving humanitarian aid.

Thousands of refugees and migrants arrive in Sfax hoping to board a boat to Europe, prompting Tunisia to pressure the European Union to stop them. The Bloc is trying to persuade Tunis aid of billions of euros ($1.1bn). but Saied said that Tunisia will not be a European border guard and the agreement has not yet been reached.

Joining jets: Turkey accepts Sweden’s NATO bid

A The Quran burning incident in Sweden at the end of June angered the Turkish authorities, who are responsible for the entry of the Nordic country into NATO. But they arrived a US-Turkey defense cooperation which would have secured Sweden’s expected membership of NATO.

Hours after Ankara said it would allow Stockholm to join the bloc, the US said it would go ahead with transferring F-16 fighter jets to Turkey, which is expected to sell Ankara a green light.

Before the sudden announcement, Erdogan raised the issue by asking a The EU will revive Turkey’s membership bid as a condition for Sweden to join NATO.

The attack is over, the danger is not

Amidst the rubble and destruction stood actors, living in a refugee camp in the West Bank in Jenin to entertain children after the Israeli attack as Palestine exists. slowly back to normalrebuild what they can.

When the attack is over, the Palestinians are he was left to face the dangers. Fatima Salahat was a passionate mother of four – she is now bedridden, unable to speak or walk after suffering stress-related shocks from Israel’s deadly attack.

The deadly attack that left 12 Palestinians dead and 100 injured has sparked criticism. European ambassador criticizes Israel on the “equality” of the force it used, and the UN chief refusing to pay back his punishment.

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Word of the week

“They broke the feet of two immigrant boys, and they broke the mouth of a woman. . . [They] he tore out all his teeth with an iron. He hit the woman in the mouth.” | | – emails from African refugees who have been detained in Tunisia was sent to Human Rights Watch.


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