Melbourne upset Brodie Grundy axing, ‘disparaging’ description after trade move.

Elbourne has been criticized for its “derogatory” description of the star’s big man ax Brodie Grundy a few months after luring him to the club.

Grundy was sold on being a professional rack tandem with the Demons skipper Max Gawn when he left Collingwood in the off-season, and enjoyed the first half of the year when he handled all the rack duties with Gawn on the verge of injury.

However, with the captain now in good health, Grundy has been sent to the VFL to “improve his forward skills” allowing Gawn to perform basic functions.

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It’s an explanation that left veteran AFL columnist Damian Barrett scratching his head.

“I think it’s disgraceful what they’re doing to Brodie Grundy,” he told Nine. Sunday Footy Show.

“To use the phrase to come back to the VFL to ‘improve his forward skills’, he’s been playing for 10 years, he’s not a forward and he won’t be a forward after two weeks of VFL.

“So why did they go through the process of signing him, then 17 rounds in the first year of the contract that runs into 2027 at $900,000 a year, $250,000 of which is being paid by Collingwood.

“It doesn’t make sense and I don’t like ‘improving his future skills’ by thinking of going to get him.”

While Melbourne have confirmed Grundy’s inclusion in the selection process, Essendon boss Matthew Lloyd has questioned whether he will be able to return to the team.

“They thought it would work,” he said Sunday Footy Show.

“I admire the courage now to leave such a great man. I say ‘dropping’ because I don’t think he will come back as a forward.

“He’s a great supporter for Max Gawn if he’s injured. They thought it would be different at first but it didn’t work.”

“The news about how he’s going to be used has changed since last month,” Port great Kane Cornes added.

“He has never been a player, he will never be a player, he is the No.1 ruckman and he has four and a half years left on his contract.”

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