Matt Gaetz Under Investigation for Sex and Drug Abuse

The House Ethics Committee is gathering witnesses and investigating Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) to have sex.

CNN said:

House Ethics Committee investigators have begun meeting with witnesses as part of the recently revived investigation of Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida, focused on charges that he may have engaged in sex, drug use or other crimes.

At least one witness in Florida told CNN that he has spoken to Republican congressional investigators in recent weeks about possible violations of the law enforcement agency, and sources familiar with the Ethics Committee’s investigation say more witnesses have been contacted.


Now led by Republican Rep. Michael Guest of Mississippi, the group quietly resumed its investigation earlier this year without making public its new intentions. The proposal to begin the access to witnesses, made by Guest and the Democratic member, Rep. Susan Wild of Pennsylvania, is the first formal action the committee has taken since the ethics investigation began.

The Ethics Committee is the only committee in the House that is made up of impartiality. The committee is evenly divided between five Republican and five Democratic members. The chairman is the majority party and the vice chairman is the minority party, but all votes on anything that comes out of the committee are tied because of its structure.

Matt Gaetz may have played with DOJ because of the credibility of the witness, but they may not have a chance with the Ethics Committee. The exception is that the Ethics Committee sends members to the entire House to take action. With Kevin McCarthy’s career on the line every second of every day, the odds aren’t good for him to do anything against Gaetz.

Any public report on the behavior of Rep. Gaetz can expose and destroy politics.

Matt Gaetz’s offense never went away. It has changed places.

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