How to add and use widgets on Apple Watch


Widgets are a new feature introduced to Apple Watch in watchOS 10. They represent one of the most important changes in Apple Watch user interface for many years. So much so, that you’ll need to relearn some of the Apple Watch features that may be secondary, such as navigating to the Apple Watch Control Center.

The effort may be worth it, however, as widgets give you easy access to your favorite apps, no matter what watch you’re using. You may wonder how you survived without them.

Widgets on the Apple Watch are similar to the widgets you can add customize the iPhone home screen. They are small notifications from various Apple Watch apps that cover your Apple Watch face and fit two on the screen. Clicking on a widget opens the associated app. The advantage of widgets is that they are customizable, so you can quickly find what is most important to you.

This is where you will need to have a little patience. That’s because the way you access widgets is already how you access Control Center. In watchOS 10, to access Control Center, you have to press the side button instead, which may take some getting used to.

  1. Swipe up from any watch face or turn the digital crown up.
  2. You’ll see a simple clock face and the current date, your first widget at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Keep scrolling up or around the digital crown to see more of your team.
  4. Widgets are part of the Smart Stack that automatically adjusts to give you the most relevant widgets. You’ll see different widgets appear based on the time of day or AI suggestions based on your preferences.
  5. Move or turn the crown further, and you’ll reach the last widget that contains three small icons that you can tap to open the associated apps.
  6. Below this last widget is All Programs button. You can click a button or keep scrolling to see your entire app group or list. This software group can still be accessed with the basic method of pressing the digital crown.

Changing Apple widgets in watchOS 10

Your Smart Stack of gadgets is packed with major Apple apps like News, Weather, Activity, and Mindfulness. However, you can add and remove widgets, and print widgets in place if you want to keep other widgets on top of the stack. Not all Apple Watch apps enable widgets so that some of your apps don’t appear in the widget options list.

  1. Swipe up from your watch to find the Smart Stack.
  2. Tap and hold the screen until the change screen appears.
  3. To add a widget, click the button + (combination) button. You can have up to eight widgets including complex widgets.
  4. Select the program you want to add to the Smart Stack.
  5. Click the widget to add it to your Smart Stack. Some apps offer several different widgets.
  6. To place the widget in its place, click on the yellow one Pin icon at the top right of the widget.
  7. You can click and hold on pinned widgets to rearrange their order.
  8. To remove widgets, click the red button – (removal) button at the top left of the widget. If the widget is already printed, click it Pinned to remove it, and then you can remove it.
  9. To change the widget widget, click the button – (removal) button to remove the problem.
  10. Click + (combination) in the empty space and choose the difficulty you want to add. You can display up to three.
  11. Click It’s done stop processing.

Once you get used to the new Control Center, Apple Watch widgets can be a big game changer. You don’t need to choose a watch face based on its complications or put multiple faces together. all difficulties what you want. You get the best of everything; you can rock the new one A beautiful face without any complications, yet you can see great information with one swipe. And for power users, a face like Modular combined with widgets allows you to access more apps and complications all from one watch.

Widgets are available within the watchOS 10 which is due for public release in September. If you want to try Apple Watch widgets before that, however, you can download and install them watchOS 10 public beta right now.


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