Marjorie Taylor Greene Presents Ukraine And America With New Updates

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is making no secret of her dirty deeds to Putin, as she drafted amendments to force Biden out of NATO.

Greene’s video:

Rep. Greene said, “My amendment will tell the president to withdraw from NATO. It is not a reliable partner whose defense costs should be paid for by American citizens.”

Greene used Trump’s rhetoric that the US is paying more than its fair share.

Greene unveiled a second amendment that prevented the US from supplying F-16s to Ukraine. He then unveiled a third amendment that would prevent the US from supplying long-range weapons to Ukraine.

Marjorie Taylor Greene is trying to help Putin with these reforms. Putin would prefer if the US left NATO and stopped giving aid to Ukraine.

It’s no coincidence that Greene’s reforms are consistent with the kinds of policies that Trump has been threatening the world with should he return to the White House.

MAGA Republicans are clearly in full agreement with Putin, and if he returns to the White House, Ukraine will be in danger and democracy around the world will be weakened.

Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene shows why the true face of MAGA is America’s ultimate betrayal of the United States.

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