LuluLook Titanium Link Strap for Apple Watch & Sapphire Tempered Glass with Titanium Frame review

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Review it – If the headline gave you a little deja-vu, you’re not alone. I checked again Titanium Band from LuluLook in April this year. This is not that group. It’s a new one called the Titanium Link Strap. It’s still titanium and it’s still a custom made Apple Watch Ultra. LuluLook also sent over their new Sapphire Tempered Glass case with Titanium Frame for a look.

What is it?

LuluLook Titanium Link Strap is a lightweight titanium band for the Apple Watch Ultra that perfectly complements the aesthetic and is made with links that can be removed for maintenance. The separate screen protector is made from Sapphire Tempered Glass and has a titanium coating to seal it.

What’s in the box?

Here’s what’s included with the LuluLook belt.

  • Titanium connecting cable
  • A flexible connection tool
  • Additional tool pins
  • Instructions

And here’s what comes with the screen protector.

  • Sapphire Tempered Glass screen protector
  • Photo of Titanium
  • Installation pack with alcohol tears, cloth and dust stickers

Hardware notes for the band

  • Material: Titanium Grade 2 with DLC coating (Diamong-like carbon).
  • Connector: 316L stainless steel
  • Cable Size: 24 mm
  • Closing: Curved shape, pinch to release
  • The size of the hand6.5-8.27″ | 16.5-21cm

Hardware notes for screen protectors

  • Man-made 99.99% pure sapphire
  • Grade 9 Mohs hardness
  • Ultra HD Sound
  • Ultrathin high density material
  • Heat-Dissipation

Design and appearance

Apple Watch Ultra has a titanium body, so it makes sense to make a metal band compatible with the same material. LuluLook’s second titanium band has the cleanest lines that look right at home.

Likewise, the Titanium Frame surrounding the Sapphire Tempered Glass screen complements the watch perfectly.

The fold-down lid is easy to use and closes with just the right click.

Sit down

Adjusting the LuluLook Titanium Link Strap to fit your wrist is almost the same as their previous Titanium band. Use the included tool to push a pin on each link you want to remove while dialing. There are no minor changes to the closure so you may need to add a link if it’s too smooth. Make sure you push the side of the arrow removed and insert it again.

When you go to put the band on your watch, make sure you open the wristband and reposition both sides before sliding it on to avoid binding.

Installing a screen protector is similar to installing one on your phone. First clean the surface of your watch face using the cloth provided and then wipe it with the cloth.

Remove the rest and place the plastic carrier on the watch and place it in place until the shape fits perfectly. Press firmly to remove any bubbles, then place down to remove the protector by first lifting the edges of the carrier until you remove it completely. Also check for any remaining bubbles that may need to be removed.

The final setup looks like this. You can. note that the glass sits higher than the titanium body of the watch.

To install the Lululook Titanium Frame, remove the bezel to reveal a small strip of adhesive on the bottom.

Place the frame on top of your watch and place it in a circular motion. It looks like this is installed. You can see that it sticks to the body of the watch and then washes off the protective glass.


If you’ve read the LuluLook titanium band review before, you’ll know that I really liked it and found myself wearing it a lot. The new Titanium Link cable is very similar but has a more modern look and a smaller center section that I really like. I think it’s clean and has a nice clean look that’s still impressive.

The ceiling is a little different, however. I’m a little in between sizes. It fits well most of the time, but if it’s really hot or I’m doing something with my hands like carrying tool boxes it starts to feel a little tight. In this picture, you can see that it looks good. Adding a link in the back made it more comfortable than I wanted to wear. The old one had a spring pin and a few holes that gave us a smaller size than the full link which was good.

As for the safety of Sapphire Tempered Glass; I am happy to say that it has been holding up well. It does not affect the tapes on the watch and there is no damage to the image. I’ve run several protectors since I got my watch on launch day. They all jump quickly and this one didn’t. I wanted to chalk it up to the Titanium Frame to protect the edges, but unfortunately, the frame disappeared a week after I took the picture below.

While you may have looked at the glass and frame before, I want you to see the difference between the bottom of the frame and the control panel. I don’t have proof of this, but my theory is that a jacket or bag belt caught the edge and pulled the frame off. I only noticed that it wasn’t there when I went to show my friend how cool the frame was. I think that if the frame was deep and this difference was reduced it would survive for a long time.

Which I like

  • Group: The best brand game is the Apple Watch Ultra
  • The band: Clear visuals, loose panel and minimal connection
  • Screen Protector: Works well with great installation

What I would change

  • The band: Add a 2-position micro-adjustment on one side of the clasp
  • Photo of Titanium: Good adhesion – lost during the week

Final thoughts

The new Titanium Link Strap is a winner in my book. I liked the previous version (which is still available) a lot, but this one is so stylish and the fit is still good. I would like to see some changes to the clasp to make it better, but it’s a small request for the price. The screen protector is the best I’ve used yet and for $19.99 it’s like you get a free Titanium Frame every time it lasts. Here’s hoping they fix it.

Price: $69.99 – Titanium Link Strap for Apple Ultra Watch
Price: $39.99 $19.99 – Sapphire Tempered Glass w/ Titanium Frame for Apple Ultra Watch
Where to buy: Amazon – Titanium Link Strap | | Amazon – Sapphire Tempered Glass w/ Titanium Frame
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