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Review – During my time with the FBI, I remember that the key controllers were made up of very smart people. Hirsch ScramblePads. Think of your regular ATM keyboard, but the numbers below the buttons change each time you enter your number. This increases security because it is difficult to “crack” the code with fingerprints alone. Lockly’s Smart Safe integrates these keyboards into the shopping experience, in addition to other ways to secure your valuables.

What is it?

Lockly Smart Safe is a home or office lockbox that includes Lockly’s PIN Genie keys, fingerprint access, mobile access, and backup keys.

What’s in the box?

  • Install hardware and cable loop
  • USB-C cable
  • 4 AA batteries and charger
  • Wifi gateway and USB power plug
  • User manual, activation card, mounting template

Hardware specifications

The usable area inside the Lockly Smart Safe measures approximately 10.1″ x 7.0″ x 2.5″.

Design and appearance

The front of the Lockly Smart Safe is where everything is: The PIN Genie buttons light up on the main display. The biometric fingerprint reader is also on top. The key storage area is also in the front. Not much on the back other than optional mounting holes.

At the back right, notice the cutting line. The plug covers the external USB-C port. When the internal batteries run out, the port can provide power instead, or provide constant power.

One of the first things I noticed inside was the left side gas valve. This releases the lid when it is opened, keeping the lid in place. There is a small card slot on the cover, and a floor inside.

Underneath the foam padding, you’ll find four mounting holes.

A 4 AA battery holder is placed under the control panel. Check the LED light. Great for finding your things in the dark.

The Lockly Smart Safe fingerprint reader also has an LED ring for illumination.

Sit down

I was a little surprised to see that almost all of the tasks required the use of an app.

Yes, I thought you could install the fingerprint without it, but no. Fortunately, the program is easy to follow.

Once configured, you can set up multiple users, multiple fingerprints, and PINs. The inclusion of a Wifi hub (setting within 30 feet) allows control over the cloud. It’s optional. Otherwise, the Bluetooth control from the phone to the safe works fine.

Here is a page that shows the status of the box. Red if open, green if closed. Click the green box to open it. You can also name the box, as I did on the right (“Lockly Box”). The battery reads 0% because I didn’t put AA batteries in when I took this photo.

There’s not much you can do without this app. You can turn on Bluetooth and reset the system by depressing the box plunger twice.

When all else fails, there is a physical key. Don’t lose it!


I had to try the PIN Genie feature. Up to 37 codes can be stored. Here is a representation of the default number, 123456.

The Lockly Smart Safe screen can be woken up by hand, but I found that tapping on the screen always worked. The brightness can be adjusted to save energy, and the PIN Genie scramble function can also be disabled to display the numbers in sequence if desired.

I don’t have a gun, but I do have an airsoft gun. This is how it fits.

I found the fingerprint reader to be very good. The box can store up to 99 prints.

Which I like

  • The PIN Genie bypass code adds security
  • Fingerprint reader works fine
  • Cloud-based software management allows for many smart features, such as visitor acquisition
  • AA battery power or external USB-C
  • It can be configured to send notifications if you use a different finger

What I would change

  • I want a non-programmable installer

Final thoughts

What is Lockly Smart Safe Fort Knox? Will it survive a fire? No, of course not. A closed box only slows down the bad guys. I was turned off by the number of difficult choices, but I realized they are just choices. I can use the fingerprint scanner or the combination, and only use the app if I need to change something.

PricePrice: $349.99
Where to buy: A key
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