Kevin McCarthy Threatens America By Promoting Marjorie Taylor Greene

On the same week that Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene announced changes to end aid to Ukraine, Speaker Kevin McCarthy placed her on the powerful NDAA congressional committee.

Greene’s video:

Greene told CNN’s Manu Raju, “I have an opportunity to continue to do what I did this week. I want that opportunity. I think this is an important opportunity for me to be a part of, representing not only the people of my district but the people of America who don’t need money.” their tax dollars should be spent on the NDAA which supports a foreign war. We have to go to the mat for the American people.”

This week, Greene proposed several amendments to pressure President Biden to withdraw the United States from NATO and cut aid to Ukraine.

McCarthy appointed Greene to the congressional committee despite not being on the House Armed Services Committee.

Rep. Greene is Putin’s puppet, and McCarthy promoted him to a position of power to continue his efforts to support Putin and destabilize Ukraine.

Kevin McCarthy went from selling US national security to selling global security because he wants to say he passed the NDAA.

The House Republican bill will not become law.

Kevin McCarthy fails to lead, elevating a dangerous man to a position that threatens US national security.

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