Kevin McCarthy Now Launches Trump’s Thoughtful Voters

Kevin McCarthy told reporters that he feels people will vote for Trump because he has accused him several times.


McCarthy said, “The Department of Justice did one way for the Biden family, and now they have found a new way to go after their political opponent (the former) President. Trumpet. I don’t think it’s (former) President Trump who would be disappointed. I think Americans would be disappointed. Because when I go through this country, that’s what I feel. I hear people say, ‘You know what? I have never voted for President Trump, but I will vote for him now based on the way he is being treated because if they treat him this way they can treat every American.’

America everyone who they steal confidential documents show to some people, and then hiding them from the government should be condemned. What is happening to Trump should be done to anyone who steals private information. Speaker McCarthy does not seem to be making the point he thinks he is making.

Let’s get something out of the way. When Kevin McCarthy travels across America, he doesn’t associate with Democrats and Independents. Speaker McCarthy travels the country raising funds for House Republicans. The people who are committing to vote for Trump are Republicans.

The Speaker’s story loses its power if he says he hears about Republicans who will vote for Trump, so he has to create imaginary voters who are so angry with the person he accuses of voting for the criminal. to run the country.

It sounds silly because it is.

McCarthy’s comments may have been dictated by Trump because they sound like all the people Trump tells his stories to in his rallies.

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