NRL news 2023, Darren Lockyer and Wally Lewis alone on Payne Haas trial price, Brisbane Broncos future

Queensland very much Darren Lockyer they are not worried Payne Haas in assessing his value on the open market, revealing that he believes the star will commit to the future and Broncos.

Under contract until the end of 2024, Haas is set to explore all possibilities on November 1, joining NRL open market.

The Haas manager revealed that the star has already received interest from rival clubs and footballers including the NFL, but insists that a decision on where he will play cannot be confirmed based on money.

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Lockyer – who is a director and board member of the Broncos – believes that Haas’ goal on the open market is not to leave Red Hill but to get his true value.

“I think going to the market doesn’t mean Payne wants to leave the Broncos,” Lockyer said on Wide World of Sports. The price of QLD.

“I think I’m just trying to figure out how important it is.

“There’s no doubt that I think Payne is worth seven figures but I think he wants to go and test the market and see what people will pay for him.”

Haas made his debut for the Broncos in 2018 under the guidance of former coach Wayne Bennett and has excelled as a senior in Kevin Walters’ side.

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Queensland legend Wally Lewis said he sees no problem with Haas entering the open market but sees no impact on New South Wales opting to sign with another club.

“[Haas’ departure] it should be a concern,” Lewis said.


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“I think he would love to be at the Broncos.

“If they want to go to the market, that’s fine but… [his future at the Broncos] It depends on what the coach sees as his role in the team.

“Twenty years ago if you said you’d pay a million dollars for a front rower you might laugh… but he’s definitely a very strong player.”

Lockyer said if Haas were to leave, he would not be easily replaced

“There’s no doubt they’re going to leave a big hole,” he said.

“There have been several games where the Broncos have not had Payne in the team and they have won and they have done well.

“Payne has always said he wants to win premierships. If the Broncos were in the bottom eight this year and they wanted to go to the market, you’d be worried.

“But the player he is, he’s going to leave a big hole.”

The Broncos will face the Rabbitohs again on Friday at Sunshine Coast Stadium.

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