Kevin McCarthy Gets Swallowed By His Black Hole Cheat On RFK Jr.


Speaker Kevin McCarthy was able to make himself famous by criticizing House Democrats for their comments on Israel and later in his retirement, defending having RFK Jr.

McCarthy’s video:

McCarthy said, “Does he think Israel is a bad country? If they think otherwise, they should take action against their own because of comments from the leadership of their Democratic Party, and that is wrong. Your question about RFK. I don’t agree with everything he said. The hearing we have this week is about censorship. I don’t think censoring someone is really the answer here. I think if you look at the reviews in America, then you start trying him, maybe that’s the problem we have. “

Kevin McCarthy Considers Rejecting Anti-Semitic Views From Congressional Platform With Censorship

The House Democrats share the view that Israel is anti-Semitic, but McCarthy also argues that it will be an investigation to reject RFK Jr. and his anti-Semitic views the platform of congressional testimony. The only reason RFK Jr. He was called to testify because House Republicans are trying to boost his Democratic primary campaign against Joe Biden.

RFK Jr. it doesn’t go anywhere near Biden. They will not cause chaos in the democratic primary.

McCarthy has shown himself to be a master at twisting himself into a pretzel to justify negative views.

Kevin McCarthy has no real influence on House Republicans many. It is an empty suit in which he works Jim JordanMajorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, and other House GOP radicals.

RFK Jr. Testimony is a disaster waiting to happen for House Republicans, and Kevin McCarthy has no interest in stopping that.


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