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The No phone (1) he was a breath of fresh air when he was released. It’s a unique Glyph shape that sets them apart competitorswith such a great price tag, it was exciting to see the new kid on the block coming out with a product that was truly different.

It is the most anticipated release of No phone (2), the company also wants to conquer the US market. If you are an early adopter and want to keep your new phone No (2) protected, then here are some articles you can find right now.

Our picks for the top Nothing phone cases (2).


Hensinple Clear Anti-Scratch No Phone 2 Case

1. Best No phone (2) full charge

Crystal protection

A clear case that keeps your Glyph on display, made of TPU + PC to protect against drops, with a tempered glass screen protector. The 1.5mm edge protects your screen and camera from scratches or surface contact.


  • Keeps your Glyph form visible
  • Good drop resistance
  • Screen protector is included

  • It can be difficult to get along at first

One of the main selling points of the original Nothing phone was the unique Glyph design on the back and the same concept can be found on the Nothing phone (2). Multiple LED lights can indicate the amount of charge, who is calling or texting you, or if you have app notifications. If you want to see your Glyph form, you need a clear case.

The Hensimple for Nothing phone (2) is made from crystal clear thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) plus polycarbonate (PC). It is resistant to drops but is strong enough to withstand drops of up to 10 feet (3m). You also get a 0.33mm 9H glass screen protector to keep the front of your Nothing (2) phone free of scratches. You are well protected without affecting the appearance of your Nothing (2) phone.

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Tiwinxing Ultra Soft Shockproof No Phone 2 Case

2. Best Nothing phone (2) Glyph style display case

Show the Glyph shape in the mode

A stunning TPU case available in a variety of colors, perfectly cut to let your Glyph look stand out. If you like the look of the Glyph, but not the industrial design of the Nothing Phone 2, this article allows you to add color.


  • Saves the Glyph format
  • Different types
  • Wireless charging without removing the case

If you’re a big fan of the Glyph look, but not so much a fan of the look that makes your phone look like a hard drive from 1995, then the Tiwinxing Ultra Soft Shockproof Nothing Phone (2) might be what you’re looking for. You get a variety of stickers that have the perfect cutouts to make your Glyph look stand out. Contrasting with your Glyph style can make it stand out.

The case is made from TPU and you can charge your phone wirelessly (2) without having to remove the case. There is also gold plating on the edges of the case to add a little style. There is no screen protector included, however. The raised edges of the bumper case protect your screen from scratches, but if you keep your phone in your pocket, you may want to invest in a screen protector as well.

HGJTF Phone Case

HGJTF Anti-Scratch Shell No Phone 2 Case

3. Best price No Phone (2) charge

Affordable security

A stylish silicone case that makes your Glyph look great at a low price. This case is easy to stop and stop but can be left to pay. It also includes a finger ring stopper.


  • Saves the Glyph format
  • A great price
  • Includes stand

The Nothing (1) phone is offered at a very competitive price, and even though the Nothing (2) phone is expensive, it is cheaper than most other phones out there. If you are looking for an affordable way to protect your phone Nothing (2), then the HGTJF Anti-Scratch Shell Nothing (2) phone is perfect.

The transparent silicone cover allows you to see your Glyph display and prevents watermarks and fingerprints and is easy to remove or replace as needed. There’s also a finger ring that can double as a stand for your Nothing Phone (2). The Glyph’s appearance on the Nothing Phone (2) is unique, but it’s not something you’ll want to use all the time. . If you want to see notifications on the front of your phone and not on the back, then this PU leather case is a great protection. It also has a place to store bank cards so you don’t have to bring anything else.

FZZZS PU Leather Wallet

FZZSZS Leather Wallet Flip No Phone 2 Case

4. Very useful No phone (2) charge

Old school security

A polyurethane leather case that protects your Nothing 2 phone front and back. There are card slots for bank cards, and the case can also double as a stand.


  • Front and rear protection
  • There is also room for bank cards
  • Old style

  • Hides the Glyph form
  • It is not convenient to use with one hand

The synthetic leather cover won’t let you see your Glyph display, but it protects the front and back of your phone, ensuring that even if your phone is in your pocket or purse with your keys, the screen isn’t. will be scratched. There’s also something satisfying about keeping a smartphone in an old school case. It’s not easy to open with one hand, however. The ‘3 in 1’ nature of this case is a bit misleading. It serves three purposes; it comes in three parts. Soft silicone covers the back of the Nothing Phone (2), cutting out the detail so that the Glyph’s design is not visible. This part includes a base made of ribs and ridges that mimic the corporate design of the phone itself.

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Tiwinxing Shockproof Hard Matte No Phone 2 Case

5. Best slim No phone (2) charge

Story in three parts

This super thin silicone case comes in three layers to keep your Nothing 2 phone protected. The silicone back has precise cutouts for your Glyph shape to be visible, and two separate pieces that slide up and down to protect against scratches.


  • It adds more features to your phone
  • Saves the Glyph format
  • Representation No phone (2) corporate identity

  • There is no screen protector included

Two pieces of tough matte finish fit the top and bottom of the phone to protect it from knocks and drops. This can be similar to the color of the main part or it can be different to give a big difference. There is no screen protector included. If you don’t mind using the Glyph feature, then this simple challenge might be what you need. Flexible TPU makes the case easy to park and a little stiff, but offers protection from bumps, scratches, and oily fingerprints. The Glyph features are covered, but the precise cutouts ensure that you can still use the camera and access the physical buttons and ports in charge.

The case of YZKJSZ

YZKJSZ Shock-Absorption Silicone No Phone 2 Case

7. Best Nothing phone (2) case to hide Glyphs

Simple but effective

This flexible TPU case is a simple and affordable way to add protection to the Nothing phone 2. It’s easy to put on and off but doesn’t allow you to see your Glyph display.


  • A great price
  • Easy to turn on and off

  • Hides the Glyph form

There’s no front protection in this case so you might want to invest in a screen protector to avoid overclocking, but you can protect your entire phone from damage for a good price.

Best Phone Case (2) cases: Below


Hensinple Clear Anti-Scratch No Phone 2 Case

Editor’s Choice

Crystal protection

A clear case that keeps your Glyph on display, made of TPU + PC to protect against drops, with a tempered glass screen protector. The 1.5mm edge protects your screen and camera from scratches or surface contact.

The Hensimple Clear Anti-Scratch Nothing phone (2) takes our top spot. Part of the fun of rocking a Blank phone (2) is seeing people notice your phone, because it’s different from all the other phones out there. That’s why a clear case that shows off your No (2) phone in all its glory is a great choice. The case offers full protection, and comes with integrated protection to protect against scratches.

If you’re looking for value, the HGJTF Anti-Scratch Shell Nothing phone (2) lets you show off your phone at a price you can’t beat.

How to choose a Nothing phone case (2).

Choosing the right case can be difficult, especially for a new phone model. Here are some questions you may want to consider.

Is the Nothing (1) phone compatible with my Nothing (2) phone?

There are a few a big difference between Nothing phone (1) and Nothing phone (2). When it comes to cases, the most important thing is that the window size on the Nothing phone (2) is larger than on the original Nothing phone (1). This means that your Nothing (1) call is not enough.

Do I need a screen protector?

This is a personal decision. Bumper cases can protect the screen when you drop your phone, but if something comes into contact with the screen in some way, there is no other protection. Some cases come with transparent flaps, or wallets may have a front cover that provides protection when closed.

Do I need a wallet?

If you still carry debit or credit cards instead of paying for anything and your phone, a backpack can reduce the amount of things you have to carry. You can put your bank cards in the boat, and have everything you need. If you don’t use physical cards then the wallet can be a bit bulky.

Can I still pay my bill?

It usually allows you to charge your Nothing (2) phone wirelessly with the case. However, some situations may not work well. It’s a good idea to check the details of the case before you buy to see if you can afford to pay for the case while it’s still available. It’s something to consider if you want to take advantage of the opportunity replace the wireless cables the possibility of a Nothing call (2).


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