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The opening kickoff at the Hollywood Bowl is a staple of any major league game that declares Los Angeles its home. It can also mean extras, maybe, if it’s family fun. Last summer, there was a homecoming queen ceremony for the Haim sisters, who bought glory in just 9 years of their professional career. This year, the Bowl’s honor for beloved people goes to the Mael brothers, who only had to wait 52 years to get their own gig. How long is 5 between family and friends… everyone loves lazy builds, right?

Brothers may not think they’re sentimental people, however, Sunday night Sparks may have a tear in his wet eye, thinking it was a boyhood dream. Or when Ron and Russell Mael’s mother introduced them to see the Beatles at the venue in 1965, “it was obviously a good lesson,” as Russell admitted near the beginning of today. On Sunday Bowl, Mom may not have been around, but she had the closest thing she had to a mom or dad, director Edgar Wright, whose inspiring script for “The Spark Brothers” can be easily attributed to. to be as if they raised them on any kind of finish line. (The closing photo shown above, along with video footage below, is courtesy of Wright’s digital camera.)

But enough about what it currently means they. What did it mean for us, LA Sparks fans, to want songs to dance to in addition to the valedictory second? The irony of any Sparks existing in the modern era is that they’ll be both fulfilling and annoying – the former because of the small catalog they’re attracted to, and the latter because, you already know, the big one. catalog they should attract. The list of 23 songs that he played on the world tour that is about to close, may be less than one song of the 25 albums that he has released since 1971, and 5 numbers remain. taken from their latest effort, “The Lady Is Crying in Her Latte,” meaning not much “Publication” to go around. All of KROQ’s early 80s era that made them icons of the iconic small group was represented by one single, “Angst in My Pants,” throughout the period.

But the loss for the “I Predict” fan was the gain for many OG fans who listened to “Beaver O’Lindy,” from their second album, “A Woofer in Tweeter’s Clothes,” performed for the first time since … well, since no , since this oddity did not even pay for any shows in 1972. (Dear reader, my heart skipped a beat.) The fact is that, compared to the list of the group’s last tour before the epidemic, only. 5 less songs overlapped, a refreshing reminder that, in their 70s, the Maels are always committed to keeping it fresh. Except for, say, Bob Dylan, how many musical geniuses of the fifteenth century plus those who are doing lists that seem to have been pulled out of a hat on the evening of the tour – and make the sequence sound like fun. and is it important for viewers if they get Spotify Most Standard? Birds of a feather, they and Bob are.

There was no need to rest as Maels made these 5 dips into “The Lady Is Crying in Her Latte,” which benefited from guest dancer Cate Blanchett’s banner in the video she watched. More than a PR bonus, it becomes a Sparks’ best album… one you can lend to a young friend who just saw Wright’s doctor and feels they’ll get what the whole business is about, without needing to offer “Kimono My Home” as a first aid. Previously the electro-pop of the number of the title, which is also known for their most interesting days in this century, especially the new number confirmed by “Nothing is as good as you say,” which Russell. described as a 22-hour-old toddler who is instantly world-weary and wants to go back into the womb. The song is like a fountain of youth for Sparks, recalling their guitar-driven days in the early and mid-’70s. Perhaps the most surprising addition to the house was “We Go Dancing,” an outrageous song about Kim Jong Un planning to hold raves in North Korea. It sounds like a release of their music from the movie “Annette”, despite the fact that the music from the movie was not a joke, while “We Go Dances” is, strangely “‘They Shoot Horses, Don’t. They Go to a Fascist Rave”.

If the series has a lot of turnover from visit to visit, nothing has changed in the starting holes for Sparks. Sure, most – but not all – of this thread is funny, even if it’s not LOL-funny. A casual audience might not know what happened if it wasn’t for that, the brothers would be likened to one of the traditional sports teams, in which they divide the united people. Russell Mael is a straight, happy-go-lucky guy, lending voice to the wry voice of keyboardist Ron Mael. It’s like “Cyrano de Bergerac,” as if Cyrano has forgotten that he thinks he’s writing for a matinee idol rather than his own insecurities or his own special feelings. Russell delivers these unusual short stories with all the aplomb of the world’s most famous rocker. Ron attracts attention especially by being extremely a no-the curious that he bought a giant shot from the audience just by appearing very close to the night time in any other genre, “Songs to Dance to”.

However Ron’s job may be to choose a broken man at several points in the evening, in (with apologies to Peter Frampton) Nebbish Comes Alive in the present moment. There was a disjointed rap with Ron’s half-part standing ovation in “Purchasing Mall of Love,” which was taken with his old dance mix of “Quantity One in Heaven,” in an intentionally weird way. choreography that does not come like a date on a vaudevillian. For Ron’s remote reasons, the exception proves the rule that he is the good, funny Silent Accomplice of rock ‘n’ roll, a medium that doesn’t have many competitors for the same title. He doesn’t want to write any jokes, while there are enough of them in light jokes that the brothers can’t agree with.

Not to mention the four-man band that sat on the unraised platform in the back, in the grandest, least formal ceremony the Bowl would ever host to receive a stone. There was no undue emphasis on Sparks as a group – no pretense that every important verse had to have someone equal to the chemistry forced by Maels – although the spotlight would have shined on breaking into the happy verse of “Bon Voyage.” or “This City Ain’t Big Enough for Any of Us.” It is not the ego but the structure of the defenders; Russell happily introduced all the players in the final here.

Few came here to the Bowl to explain the music, perhaps, although there are certain types: “Writers are right here and often have nothing to do,” in the opening “So Might We Begin,” from “Annette,” offered a pause for Ron to appear at the top. . “The color of the rainbow, yet we are blind” – naturally, softening the shell of the Bowl in a transparent shade. “They say that my voice has changed” – correctly, and Is there any Sparks line more fun than that? The eternal hope of fans is that Russell will never lose his falsetto. There is no sign of it but, it is true.

A lot of this kind of work has an opening and a closing that’s been closed for a long time, and “This City…” always feels like the future. Yet one of Sparks’ greatest hits is that he wrote his own original and out-of-the-box material — with the Oscar-winning “So Might We Begin?” wanted as a standard song to start their entire career. After that, at the end of the long run, he has three figures that sound like the right thing to send viewers. “Gee That Was Enjoyable” is the best part of this farewell song, admitting to the singer that “I wish I was less on my phone / I wish I was extra in this area / I wish I knew” the tip was near. (About relationships? About lifestyles? About life?) “All this” is very much like that, a great number that testifies to love, friendship or passion, as absolutely and (shockingly) sincerely as Taylor Swift’s “To Be Tall.” Right in the middle of this is “My Baby Takes Me Home,” a crowd that features a phrase that is repeated several times. Its minimalism may need to annoy a few times that everyone has heard it, but after a while, because the Sparks brothers are willing, it sounds like a bedtime story.

It’s amazing that, in more than 50 years, Sparks has never been more affected as a field than he has been. Indeed, many groups will mention them – but who has tried to do what Ron writes so effortlessly? Not many, although you can name teams that have a smart culture, like the Mountain Goats, or… Hey, look, who’s the opening act for the Hollywood Bowl: They Might Be Giants. However TMBG leans more towards the frivolous than Sparks does, with Maels’ toes firmly planted in precious soil. Perhaps it’s a good thing that not many songwriters or bands tried to “be” Sparks; You’ve all bought the comedy writing gene or you wouldn’t, and most people who go to rock ‘n’ roll aren’t doing it for the comedians. However, the idea that Ron in particular has not stopped laughing at the most important issue in life is part of the important handshake that Sparks fans share – a knowledge that we now have to cry (yet, no, LOL) not to cry. in your Espresso Bean & Tea Leaf.

Cockiness is not inherently part of the Sparks ethos, unless you rely on Russell’s cocksure jumping and dancing. Yet when he arrived here with a sarcastic song called “When Will I Start Singing ‘My Ways'” in 1994, I had no idea he was pining for the venerable Frank. Sinatra part of the valedictory satisfaction, or freedom. They had found it even then. The couple did it again on Sunday night (it’s one of the few requirements available), and, seeing the hug and their arrival, they saw that the mock question had an answer. July 16, 2023 he had bought to call “My Means” – figuratively speaking, your thoughts – by commanding the security circle in the most popular abiz of them all.


Then We Can Begin
A Woman Crying into Her Latte
Anger in My Pants
Beaver O’Lindy
When I’m With You
Nothing Is As Good As They Say
It Shouldn’t Be That
Love Store
We go dancing
Have a nice trip
Songs You Can Dance To
When Do I Start Singing ‘My Ways’
Quantity One Track Heaven
This city
Gee That Was Fun

My Son Takes Me To Live

All That


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