J6 Political Prisoner Ryan Samsel Reveals What Ray Epps Whispered In His Ear When Bike Fence Was Pushed Down at US Capitol (AUDIO) | The Gateway Pundit

Ryan Samsel is pictured with a J6 protester with a gun who has not been arrested. Ryan says this wasn’t Joe Biggs.

January 6 Inmate Ryan Samsel called The Gateway Pundit last week. During our interview Ryan explained what Ray Epps told him on January 6th.

Ray Epps was seen whispering into Samsel’s ear before the bike racks came down.

According to Ryan Samsel, “I walked to the gate on my decision. I didn’t feel any pressure from Joe Biggs, or any of the Proud Boys. And that was the gate that everyone sees in the movie where you stand around and Ray Epps is next to me, right? It’s the same when I climb that fence, I pull the fence to me. That’s when Ray Epps says in my ears, he says, I have people waiting for more people to come. What’s in that way is Ray Epps. ” Ryan said. he told her, “We have to go inside the house.” So I pulled the bike rack…”

Ryan Samsel says he is willing to take a polygraph test to prove his innocence and that he did not rat on his fellow J6ers.

Samsel said, “I want to take a polygraph test so I can clear my name just to prove it to people, although I can’t use it in court. That’s exactly what he (Epps) said. That’s why it was in his numbers that many of the videos you see, because he screams, one, two, three and we all pushed, about 40 of us! I want to tell people something. I pushed on the gate with many other people. I saw the old man fall. I went and pulled him to safety because I didn’t want him to be trampled. I didn’t want someone to hit him. “My intention was not to hurt that woman. So I pulled her to a safe place and stood in front of her.”

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Hello, my name is Ryan Samsel. I am on trial on January 6, a current political prisoner.

They tell me that I have to learn to change with the times. I will follow my King, the son of GOD. I will not call a man a woman or a woman a man. I’m not going to let some rich man in a self-made high seat convince me that killing a child of God is okay. I will not sit down and allow tyrants to take away my free people and then GOD gave us freedom through the bill we received through our forefathers who were educated men willing to sign their death warrant called the Declaration of Independence. The elders put aside their good fortune and live together with wealth so that we can have a nation that is our own, a woman asked Ben Franklin what he has given us? The answer was a republic IF YOU CAN…many were invited on January 6th, many have suffered under tyranny. There are no churches, cafeterias, restaurants, or social gatherings. You see them trying again and again to put fear in your heart and show you fake videos of dead bodies. It was real covid. Yes, some died and my dad was one of those people, but my dad smoked two packs of New Ports every day since he was a kid.

January 6 was not an attempt to take over the government but was made by many people who wanted freedom. If you ask me, we were there to remind those in high places that GOD is with us, the poor, the broken, and the lost. Just as Jesus cleansed the temple of thieves and liars, today the temple of our country has the same story but we have people who try to force these demons, evil ways on us,

I was there that day to stand up for the unborn, who have no voice. I am one of those my mother wanted to abort me. The only thing was that he was 8 months old. If he hadn’t been on too many drugs, he would have listened to me. They took me and left me at the Catholic orphanage called St. Vincent helped me not to give up. You see their unborn children. I take it personally when I hear someone advocating abortion. I was there to let them know WE THE PEOPLE are here. I didn’t actually start the violence I was there saving people, the police that fell and a man shot in the face I LOVED that house. Before this date I had surgery to remove cancerous tumors from my chest about 3 years ago.

I was given an opportunity by the FBI that I lied about President Trump and others that day. I could have gone home and been called a hero. If not, the mainstream media will destroy you, I would have been harassed by government agencies, beaten and ziptied with a fractured skull, broken nose, broken jaw, kidney damage, permanent loss of right eye, loss of left arm due to blood clots in my hands, chest neck, and head.

They put me in a tight room with the lights on all the time, sometimes naked without a bed, a sink, running water and a bucket and just a bottle of water.

I’ve been tied to a chair for hours and I’m burning and sitting in my own garbage. When I was at NNRJ Warsaw VA I was beaten again this time stabbed and beaten and passed out later to be found by the nurse who was supposed to do cpr the prison lied and said I was drugged and fell on the bed. Cameras will display different information from medical records. I came back to the hospital and the doctors advised me that I should follow the next treatment.

Again I was given the choice to help the FBI lie or this time we will charge your wife with multiple charges. While all this was happening I could not go home and spend the last few days with my father going to his funeral.

I rejected this as if it was Satan himself.

A short time later I was transferred to Lewisburg PA by members of MS 13. I was supposed to receive medical treatment while there but Lieutenant Ordonez, a bad guy, made sure to put me in the hole. None of the treatment I needed would be done, I was so depressed that I developed shingles all over my body. I had a fever and could not eat because of the sores in my mouth, and I refused all medicine and foreign medicine. The only thing I had left was my faith in GOD, I did not give up and I continue to fight for my life. I am asking for your help, please help me get my story out to the public. I am now being held in Brooklyn. I have lawyers that I haven’t spoken to in five months. To solve this problem I have to raise money for a private investigator and a criminal lawyer. Please help me in any donation to GSG below and pass this article if you would like to email me you can go to the patriotic mail service. Also on GSG, linked to my address for judges to give me letters to support medical discharge.

Thank you for seeking your help

GSG: https://www.givesendgo.com/January6OffensiveFund

Love, Respect, Respect
(Prisoner #28332509)

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