Is Kate Middleton “ready to fire” if Meghan Markle charges? The royal family’s supporters responded

Just yesterday the story was heard like that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s which became known as the docu-series that broke the Internet when it first appeared on Netflix, was nominated for the prestigious Hollywood Critics Awards. Now according to a royal family insider, Kate Middleton he may be on his last straw.

Is Kate Middleton ready to ‘get her hands dirty’?

According to a report in Closer magazine, an insider who spoke to them said that the Queen of Wales has had enough of the Sussex Duchess’ opposition to the British royal family. Kate is said to be “very protective” of her family according to an insider, and “isn’t afraid to fight fire with fire, having already broken the royal rule of ‘Don’t complain, don’t explain.’

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An insider told the publication that Markle needs to be very careful about what she reveals about the couple deciding to move to California and leave the royal family and the UK.

The source added, “Kate has no qualms about continuing to listen to the royal family and herself.” The insider continued, “She’s showing incredible tolerance and biting her lip but even she can be pushed so far.”

They added that Middleton’s actions should be seen as “a clear message for Meghan to step back and see what she is saying about Kate moving forward.”

A source told the publication that “the gloves are off” and Middleton is “ready to fight fire with fire.” “The key here is,” the Royal Family source said, adding, “Kate is not afraid to take off the gloves and play dirty if she has to. It’s about self-defense and not walking around.”

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About Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

Given the great success of the couple’s documentary series, Meghan and Harry are said to be discussing several possible options. The six episodes drew more than 2 million viewers on its first day, which is far higher than the numbers The Crown drew for its latest season.

Meanwhile, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left the British royal family in 2020. This was because the level of scrutiny of Megan was reaching the point where her mother said in a series of articles that the Duchess had “suicidal thoughts.” The last time Markle and Middleton they were seen together at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral.

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