How Robert De Niro Helped Tiffany Chen Through Bell’s Palsy


Robert De Niro has been the director of several films. However, he also knows how to play a supportive role—including his personal life.

His girlfriend Tiffany Chen recently shared how a two-time Oscar winner he helped her after was diagnosed with Bell’s diseasea problem that affects the muscles of the face.

“He was very sweet,” said the martial artist Gayle King on CBS Morning July 13. “He tried to say that he didn’t see any difference, he didn’t see any change. He was like, ‘No… You look better. Maybe you look a little stronger.’ And I’m like, ‘Sure, my whole face just melted.’ But he was very strong, very supportive.”

Chen started noticing symptoms soon after she and De Niro gave birth first child togetherdaughter named Gia Virginia Chen De Niro, in April—and noted that she felt an “excruciating pain” behind her left ear while in the delivery room. Although the doctors initially thought it was ice, the athlete became more and more worried as time went on.


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