CYANSKY HS7R 2,800 Lumen Headlamp review – bright, versatile, but a little heavy

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Review – In my work I often work in dark places, under counters, in tool rooms, on the roof, all things that require the use of a flashlight, especially hands-free. I have held a flashlight in my teeth but since they are almost always made of metal that is not good. I can use a task lamp, sit on a table or hang from something, but it doesn’t always point where I want it. For purposes like this I like to use a headlamp. When the opportunity came up to review the CYANSKY HS7R 2,800 Lumen headlamp I was excited to give it a try.

What is it?

The CYANSKY HS7R is a bright and compact flashlight. The light includes a band that rotates around the head or a hard hat to support the light for hands-free work, but it is also removable for handheld use, and it also includes a magnetic tail cap to allow it to be hung in different positions. about responsibilities. With a rechargeable rechargeable battery this light should last for several days of operation in dark environments.


What’s in the box?

  • Photo of HS7R
  • Headgear With Bracket Included
  • BL2150U 5,000 mAh 21700 Extended Battery
  • USB-A to USB-C Charging Cable
  • Storage Bag
  • 2x Waterproof O-rings
  • User Manual
  • Warranty card
CYANSKY HS7R information panel (image provided by CYANSKY)
CYANSKY HS7R information panel (image provided by CYANSKY)

Hardware specifications

  • Max. Output: Light 2,800 Lumens, Flood 2,000 Lumens
  • Max. Strength: Light 8,649 Candela, Flood 2,070 Candela
  • Max. Distance: 186 Meters Light, Water Light 91 meters
  • Max. Running time: Illumination 100 Hours, Light 140 Hours
  • Power supply: Up to 5V/2A
  • angle: Light 20 °, Flood 90 °
  • Bodybuilding: A6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy
  • Highlight: All Metal Design
  • LEDs: Light: Luminus SFT70 pure white; Flood light: 2x OSRAM DURIS P9 White Medium
  • LED Length: Up to 50,000 hours life
  • Size: 4.06 x 1.02 x 1.26 in (103 x 26 x 32 mm)
  • Weight: 2.47 / 5 / 7.51 oz (70 / 142 / 213 g) (HS7R/+Battery/+Stand & Headlight Band)
  • Water Failure: IP68 (2 meters under water)
  • Impact Failure: 2 meters
  • Operating Temperature: -22 ℉ ~ 122 ℉ / -30 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
CYANSKY HS7R LED and button close
CYANSKY HS7R LED and button close

Design and appearance

This flashlight shares the shape of the barrel, except that the LEDs are on a small section that is 90º to the rest of the body and not at the end of the light. This form allows it to be used as a headlamp or handheld and with the magnetic cap the tail can be easily attached to the metal. The body of the light is made from an aluminum alloy that feels like it can withstand a bit of shock. The body has an anti-slip design and the tail cap has several flat spots to prevent the light from moving on the table.

The light consists of two sets of LEDs, one for illumination and one for illumination. The light has a 20º lens and can illuminate up to 186 meters; The floodlight has a 90º lens and can illuminate up to 91 meters. There are also two types of heat of different colors: the light is a cold color and the water light is warm; not a big difference but noticeable. Cold light makes the light appear brighter.

CYANSKY HS7R magnetic tail cap and battery cover
CYANSKY HS7R magnetic tail cap and battery cover

There are two on/off switches on the CYANSKY HS7R headlamp, one at the top, which is a silicone-covered button. Another change is the small metal button, to the right of the lamp if you are looking at the LEDs.

When in the head brackets the light can be tilted 90º +/-, allowing 180º swing to reach whatever you are trying to illuminate in front of you.

The light has four brightness levels, up to 2,800 lumens, and the water light has four brightness levels, up to 2,000 lumens. Each mode has a memory function, which returns the last used light every time it is turned on, except for the turbo mode. Both models can run in turbo mode for up to one minute, after which the power goes back to a higher level to protect against heat. When the battery level drops to 3V the light automatically changes to low and turns off when the battery reaches 2.7V.

This light also has a light sensor, which reduces the light when it is too close to an object so that the skin does not burn or melt in a bag or pocket. This sensor can be defeated by double pressing the upper switch.

The CYANSKY HS7R headlamp can be charged quickly, only taking 2 hours to supply at 5V/2A, which is about 5,000 mAh battery. The battery is removable and is the size of 21700.

Inside the silicone button on the top is a battery indicator, which lights up when the flashlight is turned on or when any button is pressed quickly while the light is off. There are four levels to display the battery level:

  • Solid Greens: 76% – 100%
  • Bright Green: 50% – 75%
  • Solid Red: 26% – 50%
  • Red glow: <25%
CYANSKY HS7R indicator - green means 76%-100%.
CYANSKY HS7R indicator – green means 76%-100%.

The CYANSKY HS7R headlamp also has a locking mechanism that can be turned on by pressing any button for three seconds. After a few flashes the lamp turns off and closes. When you are in lock mode, pressing each button will flash the corresponding LED twice. To turn on the monitor, press any button for three seconds.

The included headband fits the head comfortably and can be extended to fit a hard hat for situations that require it.

Installation and installation

The flashlight came out of the box slightly burnt. Before first use, there is a small piece of plastic that needs to be removed. We always recommend that you charge a new device before using it. Once this is done and the lamp is placed on the head, it is ready for use.

CYANSKY HS7R light source
CYANSKY HS7R light source
CYANSKY HS7R floodlight mode
CYANSKY HS7R floodlight mode

To turn on the flashlight, press the top button for .5 seconds to see the light. Pressing the button again cycles through low, medium, high, and bright turbo levels. To turn on the floodlight feature, press the small metal button for .5 seconds; The pressure will also go through the low, medium, high, and turbo modes of the water light. To turn off any mode, press the model button for .5 seconds.

You are using it

CYANSKY HS7R is a very bright flashlight. Both the backlight and the backlight reach a very bright level. I can’t think of a job where this headlamp won’t be bright enough. I know there are more jobs out there than mine so someone might come up with a problem where the light isn’t enough, but for the average Joe, this light will be too bright.

The aluminum construction is sturdy and feels like it was built to last. Considering that it has IP68 water & dust resistance, this light will last a long time.

Wuben C3 (left) vs.  CYANSKY HS7R (right)
Wuben C3 (left) vs. CYANSKY HS7R (right)
Comparison between Wuben C3 (left) and CYANSKY HS7R (right)
Comparison between Wuben C3 (left) and CYANSKY HS7R (right)
Another comparison between Wuben C3 (left) and CYANSKY HS7R (right)
Another comparison between Wuben C3 (left) and CYANSKY HS7R (right)

The tail magnet cap isn’t the strongest magnet I’ve ever used but it attaches and stays on any ferromagnetic metal, on a flat surface, and since the light only weighs about half a kilogram I think that’s a lot of power to spare.

The proximity sensor is very useful and instant. I plan to keep this on all the time because after a few seconds of the turbo mode flashing on my wrist, it started to feel uncomfortably warm. The body of the lamps that the LEDs are in also gets hot after a while, too hot to last long for sure. There’s still plenty of room to use, but be careful with the head as it starts to feel uncomfortable after a few seconds in turbo mode. When strapped to the head this shouldn’t be a problem as the head and metal bracket keep the light far enough away from the skin that it shouldn’t be a problem.

CYANSKY HS7R on my head (I don't know why I look so bad)
CYANSKY HS7R on my head (I don’t know why I look so bad)

The CYANSKY HS7R headlamp is not the heaviest of a set, but it is the largest headlamp I have ever used. When it’s tied to your head, you can’t forget it’s there. It’s not really painful but you will notice a slight heaviness. I think if you use it with a hard hat you won’t notice the weight.

There is no strobe feature with this flashlight. I think it’s because they’re meant as a headlamp and not a basic flashlight for most people, so you’ll probably end up with one that can take a beating. A 2,800 lumen strobe light can be useful, however. I’ve never used strobe mode with any of my flashlights, but I always like to know it’s there just in case.

The rear view of the CYANSKY HS7R shows the USB-C port with a protective cover
The rear view of the CYANSKY HS7R shows the USB-C port with a protective cover

One thing I hope is that the silicone cover above the top button will be removed. I recently gave up a very cheap flashlight that I bought less than a year ago because the rubber cover on the button broke with use. I didn’t pay much for the lighting but it was unfortunate. CYANSKY says their button has withstood 100,000 presses in testing so I don’t expect this to be a problem.

Which I like

  • Flexibility
  • Light
  • Analytical and analytical methods
  • Proximity sensor
  • IP68 rating

What I would change

  • It feels a little heavy on the head after a while

Final thoughts

Since the CYANSKY HS7R headlamp does not include a holster I cannot use it as a daily carry lamp, but I plan to keep it in my bag or at work so that I always have a bright light where I am. I’m working in a dark place. With the options of being mounted on the head, handheld, or attached with a magnet, I’m sure this light will help me wherever I want to see better.

Price: $109.95
Where to buy: or Amazon
Source: An example of this review was provided by CYANSKY. For more information visit their website place.

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