How Democrats and Their Media Helpers Created a Supreme Court Without a “Legislative Challenge”

The news media pointed out that it is all in the Supreme Court of the Left “a valid problem.”

This week, Senate Democrats plan to vote Rules of the Supreme Court of Ethics which is designed to give them an opportunity to act hector and hardonkey circle to get the sentences they want. The vote coincides with a growing social media campaign to make the Supreme Court more visible.

There is no question On the left is a lawncfollow this procedure because of anger over the recent decisions of the Supreme Court.

The Supreme Court justices made a big splash in 2022, releasing an upcoming opinion that could overturn Roe v. Wade. The decision didn’t represent radical change — it simply overturned the infamous Roe decision, which effectively banned abortion restrictions across America. This release encouraged the killing of judges, including politicians threats to democracy in Congress.

This year’s sweeping defeats, on activism and student loan defunding, have sent the left-wing press machine into overdrive.

Getting lost in action it was painful to think about how racism is broken. Without Support of higher institutionsThe story is a dead letter to the American people.

The left was so used to every organization doing its own thing that when its own strategy failed it looked to put a symbolic stick of dynamite in the ground. Supreme Court and turn it off.

Every plan the Democrats have devised to deal with this problem-such as packing the court– appeared to be romantic and carefree.

They need the media to step in and make it look big and good. As you might expect, their social media friends have been happy to oblige.

Politico acknowledged that many journalists are eager to carry water to fight Democrats to eliminate a Supreme Court they no longer control. This is from Monday’s Politico Playbook – the most read story on TV:

Fourteen months ago, our colleagues Josh Gerstein and Alex Ward revealed that the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision not only reshaped American politics and abortion policy — it ushered in a new era of court media.

SCOTUS reporters don’t just cover cases before the supreme court. Now they focus more often and more aggressively on the business affairs of ‘judges, relationships, and ethical issues,’ as well as courtroom politics, Charlotte Klein of Vanity Fair says in a new episode that asks Josh about the change.

The “new era” he is referring to is one in which those on the Left must put up with Supreme Court decisions they don’t like. Therefore, they will do anything to corrupt the judiciary and give it freedom until they get the decisions they want again.

Politico reported that news outlets such as The New York Times and The Washington Post are suddenly pouring resources into “asking serious questions” about Supreme Court justices.

Never mind questioning our esteemed generations, objective journalists have suddenly become more interested in the changing behavior of the Supreme Court. What a strange and predictable time to test the message of the Democrat Party.

He is here to convince the American people that the Supreme Courtthe problem of legitimacy” is something other than a cooked-up Democrat campaign to bring the Supreme Court to heel.

Where was this legal challenge when the Supreme Court upheld Obamacare by reclassifying it as a tax? When the decision came, the media celebrated as a amazing guarantee of justice in the institutions of the Supreme Court.

That part is over. The Bat icon is up. The Left media pawns are in full delegitimizing mode now.

As columnist Dan McLaughlin he wrote in National Review, some of the media coverage of Supreme Court justices has been embarrassingly vague. It appears that some of Justice Clarence Thomas’ former associates used the Venmo app, which is often used to send money, to receive money for the Christmas party. A lawyer who worked on recent plea deals attended the party.

Everyone who attended the party wrote to Thomas at some point. The bill was $20. So, it was the equivalent of a fast lunch in a big city these days if you had dessert. I think we have to believe that this money has changed Thomas’s opinion on actionalthough Thomas was not late public history in this case.

Prepare a few stories about how Thomas or Justice Samuel Alito, or any of the Justices of the Supreme Court that is not controlled by the Left, once bought a hot dog at a baseball game that pro-lifers also attended – of the highest order, meaning that we should reinstate Roe v. Wade or something.

As I have seen time and time again, it on the left they will seek to destroy any organization they do not control. They don’t care about constitutional limits, they don’t care about government structure, checks and balances, or anything like that. They only think about gaining power and achieving their goals.

If that meaning to abuse the court, so be it. If that means empowering the libertarian court to overstep its bounds and act as a legal body much like it did during the Warren Court in the mid-20th century, so be it.

This recent campaign of intimidation and court violations has become obvious and cynical to anyone interested.

In the end, this moment reveals more about the left than it does about the judges who want to challenge it.

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