Are Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady dating? Michael Rubin talks about rumors

Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady they are said to be dating for a long time. Rumors are swirling that it may lead to a romantic relationship between the two celebrities have been on the rise following their recent attendance at Michael Rubin’s annual white house party. Now, Rubin, who started the event, has decided to address the growing speculation surrounding the two celebrities.

Is Kim Kardashian dating Tom Brady?

When Micheal Rubin attended the Shawn Carter Foundation’s 20th anniversary celebration in New York City on Friday, he addressed the rumors of Kim Kardashian and Tom Brady dating. “Honestly, they’re just friends. It’s crazy rumors that come out there,” she told Entertainment Today on the red carpet.

Rubin added, “Tom was with me all night and we were having fun, and Tom doesn’t go around much.” He added, “It’s hard to see. And Kim doesn’t drink much.”

Michael continued, “So I think Kim shot 10 or 12, [and] Tom, you know, being interesting, just creates rumors. We always want to laugh about it.”

Earlier this month, celebrity star Kim Kardashian and retired NFL quarterback Tom Brady were among the famous guests who attended Michael Rubin’s wedding reception in the Hamptons.

According to ET’s report, shortly after, a source revealed, “Kim and Tom spent time talking and talking at Michael Rubin’s white party and had a great time together.”

Amidst speculation about a potential relationship between Kim and Tom, an insider told the publication in May, “Tom and Kim have been hooking up because Kim wants to buy Tom’s vacation home.” However, this source emphasized that the two are “just friends.”

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Kim Kardashian wants to ‘sneak’

In the third season of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kim Kardashian sheds light on her feelings about dating, revealing her deep desire for privacy and her low-key approach to relationships.

Kim said: “Obviously you learn from every situation, that’s one thing I’ve learned [the] the last thing was the media made me feel like I was in a very fast relationship.” She continued, “I just wanted to sneak around a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to sneak away!”

The move comes after her last high-profile relationship with actor and comedian Pete Davidson.

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