Horseshoe’s idea of ​​politics meets the Q team and woo

The horseshoe theory of politics suggests that politics is not a leftist but rather is shaped like a horseshoe, with the right and the left coming together at the end.

The rise of QAnon has proven, of course, that this is not a theory but a fact.

The photo below is an account looking for Q. It’s run as an Instagram story by a lovely woo-woo guy I know who makes a living, among other things, by capturing “sound bathing” events.

Since when? Does anyone say “lab meat is good?” There is not even any way to get rich! And if you eat meat, grass is the best option. This is not really a contradiction. But really, cows are the main cause of global climate change, so yes, cows are bad (although bull sores are dangerous), but what does this have to do with pesticides?

In fact, no one says pesticides are good, hence the rise of organic farming. They are the most important evils.

What is oat milk? As for raw milk, limit yourself if you have access to fresh produce, even though salmonella is a risk. I don’t see anyone giving a damn if people want to drink.

And then there’s the sunscreen hate, which is new to me…and I thought I knew all about their craziness. Fortunately, Rolling Stone he wrote a good article on the crowd last week.

“Think about that for a minute,” [one “wellness” influencer with over a quarter million followers on Instagram] he wrote. “They [pharmaceutical and health care companies] you must believe that the sun is evil.” He also included pictures from a TikTok a video that made the same point, shows that corporate interests created the myth of the “dangerous” ultraviolet rays from the sun to sell you a product – in this case, sunscreens and sprays that prevent sunburn and skin cancer – that you do. I don’t really need it. It’s all a scam! Go out and enjoy Christmas!

Big pharma makes a lot of cancer treatment from people who don’t protect their skin from the sun, while the beauty of the sun damages the skin. it’s real (if one cares about premature aging).

The truth is, this medium is a likable guy who would be happy to hang a “hate has no home here” sign on his lawn while buying into anti-Rothschild doctrines. He plies his trade on a beach he clearly loves, which will disappear in decades if he continues to accept climate change proposals. His “spiritual goodness” is now expected to buy into anti-pharma, anti-environmentalism, and anti-naturalism.

I haven’t seen it, but I bet my firstborn has hugged Robert Kennedy Jr., or will when he hears about him. He may be the most successful horse rider, running as a Democrat when he was last seen embrace the podcaster who say “Hitler was a Rothschild,” and “Hitler and the Nazis were 100% completely and utterly.” And that’s just a normal day for the–that hole. There’s a reason the audience likes him, not because he’s trying to ratf – the Democratic primary. (He’s not going anywhere.) That’s because they accept his dangerous conspiracy theories, and many liberals on the left now do the same.

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