GloRilla Feeds on Embracing Her Voice & Appreciating the Moment


GloRilla it talks about how she came to accept her voice, and how she realized she needed to get down and smell the flowers instead of looking to the future.

GloRilla Admits She Was “Embarrassed” In The Past With Her Famous Voice

The “Tomorrow 2” rapper spoke on these topics when he recently sat down with Elleand he admitted that his words at first “shame” he, like Glo “I want to sound like a girl.”

“When I first came out and rapped, I was trying to sound like a girl. I was saying hard s**t, but it’s a little girly-a* sound. I was trying to change my voice because I have a naturally deep voice. I was embarrassed, because I wanted to sounds like a girl.”

When 2021 arrived, however, GloRilla “changed her voice” and let her voice “reach” deeper.

“That’s when I changed my tone for the first time. That year is when my voice began to deepen.”

This opinion is similar to the comment he made earlier on the matter. On January 2023 sitting down is The DulaniGlo recalled that her voice came out “shaky” when she tried to “sound like a girl” when she gottin’ started in the rap game.

When her friends called her, GloRilla thought, “Let me emphasize what I already understand, just add some sauce.”

Also, after Twitter users spoke about the depth of his voice in “Blessed,” Glo announced with a laugh, “My voice is so deep because my P***y is so good.”

Rapper Praises His Hard Work & What He’s Doing Now

Aside from always embracing her “naturally deep voice,” GloRilla also spoke out lesson he learned about appreciating his blessings and not being “so focused [the] in the future.”

“The first prize was me reaching where I am now. A friend and I recently talked about how much we think about our future—what else can we do to be better than what we are doing now? We forget that what we have right now is what we have [always] he prayed.”

Although Glo wants to live in the moment and enjoy the results of his work, he is still giving a glimpse of what to expect from his next project.

Especially since he was “on [her] hood s**t” and draw him However, the Good Life… EP, he plans to use “different sounds” in his upcoming album. However, he assures fans that he is “still there [be] raw and uncut.”

“This [new album] He will be silent to me, he is still raw and uncut. But I know what it’s like to be here and [experimenting with] different words. Because I’ve been sleeping all the time. “

GloRilla added, “This time around, I’m not the only one struggling. I’ve got a few different voices coming up on this.”


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