Georgia Lawmaker Quits Democratic Party Over School Choice

State Rep. Mesha Mainor won election as a Democrat in 2020 to serve Georgia’s General Assembly District 56. But the Republican will now represent the tough Atlanta House district.

On Tuesday, Mainor made headlines when he announced that he was leaving the “establishment” Georgia Democratic Party for support. choosing a school programs in the government.

“No matter where people are in my district, parents want to choose,” Mainor said in an interview with Fox News. Sean Hannity.

“Right now, there [are] schools where only 3% of children meet the arts. This is not acceptable,” says Mainor. “The solution the Democrats are offering is ‘Keep it until we fix it. We’ll get better soon.’ But it has been like that for 50 years.”

The woman said Fox News Digital that when I stood “on behalf of disadvantaged children in support of school choice, my fellow Democrats did not stand up for me.” They hanged me. When I decided to stand up to support safe neighborhoods and refuse to support the efforts of the police, they did not support me. He left me.”

In May, Mainor shared a video on Twitter saying that he was “on the radar” of his Democratic colleagues because he voted to support school choice programs in Georgia schools. The lawmaker promised nearly two months ago that he would “not back down” in helping students and was “just getting started.”

Mainor joins the majority party Georgia The House of Representatives, which now has 102 Republicans and 78 Democrats.

“For too long, the Democrat Party has not exploited and abused black people,” Mainor told Fox. “For years, the Democrat Party has been supported by more than 90% of black people. And what do we have to show? I represent a solid blue-collar district in the city of Atlanta. This is not a political decision for me. It’s a moral one.”

In the current edition of “Difficult Women” Podcast, we discuss Mainor’s decision to switch political parties because of his commitment to school choice programs.

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Listen to the podcast below:

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