Football news 2023, Ange Postecoglou warns Australia ahead of Matildas’ FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023


Ange Postecoglou he warns that there is no guarantee that the World Cup will be won and the euphoria surrounding Australian football will have a lasting legacy across the country.

Postecoglou – recently announced that it is new Tottenham manager – led Socceroos victory in the 2015 Asian Cup, defeating South Korea in extra time 2-1.

However, the former Australian men’s coach saw his reaction to the team’s long-term failure to make an impact on the country, and warned that he did not want to see the players. FIFA Women’s World Cup follow the same procedure.

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The 57-year-old believes the excitement generated by the Women’s World Cup on home soil and the dream of the Socceroos reaching the 2022 Qatar World Cup will help boost interest in the sport in Australia.

“Where it is now is where it has been many times,” Postecoglou told reporters in Perth.

“This is what happens from now on. Australian football has been going very well. Sonny (Spurs player Son Heung-min) mentioned 2015 and the Asia Cup (hosted by Australia) and he is not alone.

“We believe what it means now, especially with girls, is becoming more visible around the world. In the UK there’s a lot of exposure there and there’s a lot of opportunity for impact.

“The Socceroos were very good at the World Cup. The A-League is developing young players… It’s about the sport taking advantage and doing the best in the game here, which we know is always going to be difficult.

“I hope this time takes advantage.”

Following Postecoglou’s success in charge of Scottish club Celtic, winning five titles in his two seasons in charge, the former Socceroos coach impressed with Premier League rivals Tottenham Hotspur – who finished eighth last season.

Signing a four-year contract with Tottenham, Postecoglou’s appointment marked a significant moment for the club and the country, becoming the first Australian in history to manage an English Premier League team.

Speaking ahead of Spurs’ friendly against West Ham in Perth, Postecoglou admitted it was a “surprise” his first game at the helm brought him home Down Under.

“We could have gone anywhere in the world and we came back to Australia which is great,” Postecoglou said.

“It is better to say that since then [my] The selection has been a bit of a surprise, which is good – not for me personally, but for the game here in Australia, absolutely.

“If I can add to that a little bit, that’s great. I’m very proud of that.

“This is an important trip for us because we get to spend time together as a team and get to know each other. So far so good.”

Postecoglou insisted that his success as head coach of Spurs will be determined by the response of the club’s fans, saying: “My main barometer will be our fans. If our fans are happy at the end of the year, then we have done something. Good job”.

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The former Socceroos coach has revealed that he will also start playing a new game at Spurs – which is thought to be similar to his 4-3-3 attacking formation used at Celtic, and he is sure he believes the style will be beneficial to the team.

“Nothing has changed the way I do things. All I try to do is imagine the team playing in a certain way. This is what drives me,” he said.

“I want the team to play football that is fun for the fans and that brings success. But all these things, everything is a step-by-step process for me. I have only a few thoughts and I’m just looking at what’s happening now and making sure we’re doing our best.

“I tell the players: “Every day is an opportunity to improve, including me. Every practice session is an opportunity to get a little better, with the ultimate goal of building a team that will hopefully play the ball. the ball I bring.”

Spurs face West Ham in Perth on Tuesday night.

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