DOJ Drops Trump In E. Jean Carroll Federal Defamation Suit


The Department of Justice has sued the court to not represent Donald Trump in the case of E. Jean Carroll.

Lisa Rubin of NBC News wrote:

Like me he wrote in May when the DOJ first indicated that it would lose Trump:

When E. Jean Carroll amended her complaint to include Trump’s defamatory remarks at his recent CNN hall of fame, it opened the door for the DOJ to walk away from Trump’s representation because the issue no longer existed when Trump made his initial appearance. mocking Carroll while acting as President.

As a former president, Trump has no official position and is thus immune, so the question of whether his statements were protected as a public official is irrelevant, but the case now includes statements made by Trump after he left office.

Trump mocked Carroll during his CNN town hall, and once Carroll added the show to his bad suit, The DOJ had an opportunity to exonerate Trump.

After Donald Trump acted outside the presidency to defame Carroll, there was no reason for the Justice Department to represent him.

The only reason the DOJ would be involved in a case centered on the question of how much speech is protected while the president is in office.

Because Trump couldn’t keep his mouth shut, he lost his federal attorney and will have to hire a private attorney in a federal lawsuit that could cost him millions of dollars if he loses.


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