Deeper Connect Mini makes your VPN obsolete and now it’s about to expire

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DEAL ISSUES – Get VPN security and more without a monthly subscription and Deeper Connect Mininow for the low price of $189.99 (reg. $349), save 45% only through July 14, 2023.

It’s frustrating yet not surprising to know that we all have personal information floating around. According to The Washington Posta company was now selling thousands of mental health records as part of a database of interested sellers.

Protecting yourself and your information should be a priority – and security starts at home. Deeper Connect Mini is the next step in the evolution of VPN, a Virtual Private Network that provides the safety and security of a VPN without signing up to a VPN service.

While VPN users hide their personal information connect to the Internet through a secure network with a provider, the Mini creates that gateway itself. Using blockchain technology, Deeper Connect establishes a secure online connection and keeps all of your information anonymous. It also has a strong seven-layer firewall, protecting every device connected to Wi-Fi on your network.

Deeper Connect is like throwing a shield over your whole house. Everything from smartphones and tablets to IoT technology such as speakers, TVs, or smart devices get the full protection of Deeper Connect Mini, so no one can spy on you through your often vulnerable devices.

Its safe and secure connection is constantly optimized and updated for the best connection, bypassing the limitations that bind VPN users. Along with features such as the ability to block ads (even YouTube ads), one-click parental controls, the 2.5-inch Mini connects to Ethernet cables, and no technical knowledge is required.

And you’ll never see a monthly subscription to use a VPN again. Everything you need for lifetime coverage is included in your one-time purchase price.

You can find Deeper Connect Mini Decentralized VPN and Firewall about Only $189.99 (reg. $349) if you order by 11:59 pm PT on July 14, 2023.

Prices will change.

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