Bulldogs boss Phil Gould has criticized the Laundy Hotels report for Tino Fa’asuamaleaui


Bulldogssir Phil Gould It has emerged after the Canterbury report sought to persuade Gold Coast captain Tino Fa’asuamaleaui by giving him money in the pub.

According to a News Corp report published on Sunday, Canterbury was trying to lure Fa’asuamaleaui with a $4 million contract, as well as a price in the pub of Arthur Laundy – the owner of the main sponsor of the Bulldogs, Laundy Hotels.

The report indicated that the Bulldogs were trying to cheat the salary cap to tempt Fa’asuamaleaui to sign.

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Fa’asuamaleaui and Powerhouse Titans teammate David Fifita are the backs the dismissal of coach Justin Holbrook introduced clauses in their contracts.

Speaking to the pub union report on Nine’s 100% Feet On Monday night, Gould said Laundy was “very upset”, before tearing up the story.

“The story just came out,” Gould said.

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One has put two and two together and got five, again, in order to destabilize our club, which has been a common theme throughout the season, and since I joined the club. beyond the childish things he does. But that’s the life of the rugby league world.

“It’s done, it’s done, somebody’s done it.

“The reporter called Laundy Laundy on Friday or Saturday to talk about it, not saying he was going to write anything about it, not saying it was going to be said, and Arthur tells me in no uncertain terms that he denied anything.” to know about Tino’s recruitment.

“Of course, he doesn’t have rugby league players investing in (his) pubs at the moment. He has an AFL player, he has a former golfer, he has friends and family, but no rugby players. He had a former coach. NRL years ago, who has been paid from the pub, but has no players in rugby league.”

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The report also claimed that the Laundy family had contacted NRL chief executive Andrew Abdo to approve the deal.

The broadcaster reported on Monday that the NRL had told Laundy’s family that the scheme should be included in the salary cap.

“You read the story today, you’d think it’s done – Tino owns half the pub and he’s coming to the Bulldogs and Arthur Laundy is involved,” Gould said.

“How embarrassing for Arthur and embarrassing for Tino. He doesn’t care about who is watching this. It’s embarrassing.”

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