Biden is launching a cybersecurity program for smart home devices

Smart home devices are just becoming more popular, and it seems that they have caught the attention of the US government. On July 18, Biden’s administration announced a new cybersecurity certification program and documentation on smart devices that will help customers find devices that are “secure and least vulnerable to cyberattack.”

What is called The US Cyber ​​Trust Mark Program the aim is to get manufacturers to think seriously about the cyber security of their products and ensure that they are safe enough for ordinary people to have in their homes. It’s not expected to be released until 2024, but the software will include a wide range of products, including smart refrigerators, smart microwaves, smart TVs, smart thermostatsfitness trackers, etc.

Today, the Biden-Harris Administration is launching the US Cyber ​​​​Trust Mark – a cybersecurity certification and labeling program that will help Americans easily choose smart devices that are secure and vulnerable to cyber attacks.

— White House (@White House) July 18, 2023

Although the program will not start for a long time (and the FCC will seek public comments before it is fully implemented), many retailers and manufacturers have already committed to the US Cyber ​​​​Trust Mark program, such as Amazon, Google. , LG, Logitech, and Samsung.

Once the program begins, every smart home product that meets the requirements will receive the US Cyber ​​Trust Mark logo on the product’s packaging – giving consumers an easy way to see how products have been tested to ensure security.

The program is designed to be completely voluntary, so if a company does not want to enter or try to meet the criteria established by the guidelines of the US Cyber ​​​​Trust Mark, they have the right to do so. But with cybersecurity issues on the rise, consumers may turn to smart home devices that meet their needs.

In addition to the logo on the box, consumers will also find a QR code that can be scanned to learn more about the program and see a list of approved devices that are part of the national registry.

Expect to hear more in the coming months, as the Biden administration and the FCC continue discussions with the public, other government agencies, and companies that may be affected by the program.

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