‘We Had A Blast’: Gayle King And Charles Barkley Bid Goodbye To Fans As CNN Show Comes To An End


The CNN show King Charles has officially come to an end as the hosts, Gayle King and Charles Barkley, bid goodbye to the limited series. The TV stars thanked the staff members and each other amidst the series’ last televised episode airing this past week. The channel officials earlier revealed that the show will end in spring 2024.

The limited series covered various topics revolving around politics, music, pop culture, and TV. 

What Did Gayle King & Charles Barkley Say About Each Other At The End Of The Series?

Gayle King and Charles Barkley complimented each other and the staff for their efforts in making the show a success. Gayle King said, “I will say this: I have loved working with you, and something tells me, Charles, this will not be the last time that we’re working together.”

To this, Barkley replied, “Call me Gayle.” King further addressed the viewers, “We will see you the next time we see you. Thanks so much for being with us for the past six months. We had a blast.”

Though the show eventually became a hit, it could not attract an audience in its earlier days. According to the New York Post, King Charles accounted for less than 460,000 viewers. At the same time, its competitive channels are responsible for attracting around 1.5 million viewers at each time slot.


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Statement By CNN Spokesperson

A CNN spokesperson had earlier released a statement regarding the show’s run period, which said, “King Charles has come to the end of its limited run as we announced when it launched last fall and was a great addition to CNN’s lineup, with the youngest, most affluent, and most diverse P2+ audience in its cable news time period.”

The show’s concept originated with Chris Litch, the former CEO of CNN, who thought it would be interesting to have the well-liked TV host King and the notoriously outspoken Charles recite the week’s news together. The ex-CEO thought the host’s popularity would also increase the series’ prime-time numbers. The show ran for six months and 14 episodes, with each episode airing on Mondays of the week.

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