Google makes it easier to replace a broken Pixel Watch 2

The fix is finally in for requesting out-of-warranty replacement for your Pixel Watch 2. Here’s how the process goes.

Key Takeaways

  • Google has introduced a self-initiated replacement process for Pixel Watch 2 owners, eliminating the need to talk to customer service agents.
  • To request a replacement, users need to complete a form on the Google Store website, confirm the issue, and select a repair option.
  • Users can choose to use their own packaging or request packaging from Google and will need to agree to the terms and conditions before confirming their purchase.

No one likes being in customer service purgatory, but for owners of out-of-warranty Pixel Watches, they’ve had to talk or type out their problems and wants with agents to get their broken devices taken care of. From today on, those with a Pixel Watch 2 will be glad to know that they won’t have to deal with circular explanations and questions in order to get a properly functioning device again. Got a Pixel Watch 2 yourself? Here’s what you need to know.


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The old ways

Up until today, in order to initiate what’s officially a device replacement for damaged devices, you had two options. If you paid for a Preferred Care package, you could put in for a replacement by filling out a form with Google partner Assurant. Otherwise, whether it was an in-warranty (which only really covers defects) or out-of-warranty claim, you had to talk with a customer service agent on the Google Store site — even if you bought your Pixel Watch at another retailer. And don’t even get us started about repairing a Pixel Watch all by yourself.

Google Pixel Watch 2 1-1-1The new way

While those two ways are still the only methods of obtaining a first-gen Pixel Watch replacement, Pixel Watch 2 owners now have a new option as detailed by Google and spotted by Android Authority. You’re now able to self-initiate the replacement process by completing a form on the Google Store website — saving you from an entire conversation, plus any time queuing up for a service agent in the first place.

Here’s how to get started on a replacement request:

  1. Head to the Google Store website, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Repairs.
  2. Select Get Started and then enter your Pixel Watch 2’s IMEI (if applicable for your LTE model) or serial number.
    • To find either on your watch, head to Settings, System, then About.
  3. Confirm your issue. In the Repair Option phase, you’ll then need to insert your ZIP code or address. Select Mail-in.
    • You should see an estimated cost to replace your device. The replacement unit does not include the charger or watch straps.
  4. Select either Use my own packaging or Send me packaging. You’ll be mailed or emailed a prepaid label.
    • You’re liable for any damages during transit if you use your own packaging.
    • If you request packaging from Google, you’ll be waiting up to two business days to have it delivered. It’s free.
  5. Read through and agree to the terms and conditions.
  6. Go through the checkout process, selecting Confirm Purchase.

Once your payment has gone through and Google receives your damaged Pixel Watch 2, the company will ship out your replacement.

The self-service process here is the same for those initiating repairs on other Pixel devices, though many will have the option of scheduling a repair at an affiliate uBreakiFix shop. That won’t be the case for the Pixel Watch 2.


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