ICYMI: McCarthy taps out

Kevin McCarthy bids Congress adieu 

Less than three months after Rep. Kevin McCarthy brashly told reporters that he would “never quit,” the former speaker announced that he is, in fact, quitting. This is a stunning development from the man who was second in line to the presidency just months ago. All that sucking up to Donald Trump and MAGA types didn’t pay off for McCarthy in the end, and now he’s running for the exit.

The ramifications of his departure are huge. Daily Kos Elections’ David Nir rebuts the rampant misinformation around the rapidly shrinking GOP majority and explains how this brings the GOP one step closer to chaos.

McCarthy isn’t just leaving with whatever shred of dignity he has left, he’s also leaving as a prolific GOP fundraiser. As the old saying goes, “money talks and bullshit walks.” In this case, both are walking out that door. 

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