Biden: Republicans threaten contempt charges as Hunter Biden refuses closed-door testimony

In a deepening standoff between House Republicans and Hunter Biden, the GOP warns of contempt charges if the president’s son fails to appear for a closed-door deposition scheduled for December 13. Hunter Biden, facing pressure from an impeachment inquiry seeking ties to his father’s business dealings, insists on public testimony, citing concerns about selective leaks.The exchange escalates as Republicans assert the non-negotiable nature of their subpoena, challenging Hunter’s assertion of manipulation in closed-door sessions.
Republicans’ ultimatum: Closed-door testimony non-negotiable
Top Republicans, including Rep. James Comer and Rep. Jim Jordan, emphasize the historical precedent of private sessions preceding public hearings for witness depositions. The House Oversight Committee Chairman and House Judiciary Committee Chairman warn Hunter Biden that their subpoena mandates his presence for a closed-door deposition, escalating the stakes in the ongoing battle over testimony.
Hunter Biden stands firm on public testimony amid GOP criticism
Hunter Biden, represented by attorney Abbe David Lowell, reiterates his refusal to testify behind closed doors, expressing concerns about information manipulation and selective leaks. He argues that a public hearing would ensure transparency and truth in the proceedings. The legal maneuvering reflects the broader clash between Republicans and Hunter Biden’s legal team amid efforts to establish a link between President Joe Biden and his son’s international business dealings.
President Biden dismisses allegations as “lies” amid impeachment inquiry
As the pressure intensifies on Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden dismisses GOP claims of illegal or unethical behavior, labeling them as “lies.” Polling indicates public skepticism, with many believing the president acted improperly regarding his son’s business dealings. Despite the lack of direct evidence implicating President Biden, Republicans persist in their pursuit of information, planning a vote to authorize their impeachment inquiry and strengthen their legal standing.
Impeachment inquiry dynamics: Republicans plan vote amid subpoena battle
House Speaker Mike Johnson underscores the necessity of a floor vote to formalize the impeachment inquiry, positioning Republicans at the “apex of constitutional authority.” The move aims to bolster their position in the face of challenges to the legitimacy of early-November subpoenas. The broader inquiry revolves around the Biden family’s international business dealings, with Republicans alleging a troubling pattern of “influence peddling” and ethics concerns.
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