Best MagSafe-friendly PopSockets 2023

PopSockets and MagSafe are both useful, but they’re even more useful together.

MagSafe has a lot of uses. The obvious is the excellent wireless charging, but there are other accessories, such as MagSafe wallets, that make your life easier. PopSockets and MagSafe are an obvious match. PopSockets affix to the back of your device and pop out to deliver better ergonomics while the MagSafe magnets make the PopSockets easily removable and replaceable. You can even stack PopSockets with other accessories for a functional, if somewhat bulky, experience.

Below is a list of the best MagSafe-friendly PopSockets. We took a number of things into consideration, such as whether the PopSockets had an integrated case or some other accessory. You can honestly put a PopSocket onto anything, but we wanted to make sure everything below was compatible with MagSafe as well, so you can use your iPhone with other accessories, too.

  • PopSOckets Round Phone Grip collection

    PopSockets / Pocket-lint

    PopSockets Round Phone Grip

    Best MagSafe PopSocket overall

    The PopSockets Round Phone Grip is a perfect MagSafe-compatible accessory. It uses magnets to affix to the back of any MagSafe case or directly to your iPhone if you prefer. It comes in well over a dozen colors, or you can add your own PopSockets if you prefer. Thanks to its minimal design, it doesn’t take up a lot of extra space. This is a good starting point for MagSafe PopSockets.

  • PopGrip for iPhone 15 1

    PopSockets / Pocket-lint

    PopSockets PopGrip for MagSafe

    Best with a case included

    The PopGrip is just as good as the PopSockets Round Grip, except that it includes a whole case along with PopSockets support. The case includes MagSafe support as well, so you get the whole package in one piece. The case comes in six different colors, and you can replace the PopSockets already installed for more customization. The iPhone 15 cases are only through PopSockets directly, but older iterations are available on Amazon.

  • Metisinno Magnetic Base 1

    Metisinno / Pocket-lint

    Metisinno Magnetic Base

    Best PopSockets-friendly base

    The Metisinno Magnetic Base is a really fancy name for a basic plastic plate with some MagSafe magnets in it. That’s essentially what this is. It’s a flat plastic plate that affixes to your MagSafe-compatible iPhone. From there, you can mount a PopSockets on it without any hassle. This product is nice because it’s minimal, simple, and inexpensive. It also comes in black and white to help fit your style better.

  • Superone Magnetic Base

    Superone / Pocket-lint

    Superone Magnetic Base

    Best minimal PopSockets base

    The Superone Magnetic Base is another excellent option for MagSafe Popsockets. This one is super minimal, and the unique base construction makes it look like the PopSockets pop socket is integrated right into it. It comes in three colors, which are white, black, and blue. It’s easy enough to install everything, and it’s almost like it’s not even there once it’s done. You’ll need to bring your own PopSockets, but it’s otherwise good.

  • Anker 622 Magnetic Power Bank 2

    Anker / Pocket-lint

    Anker 622 Magnetic wireless power bank

    Best MagSafe battery with PopSockets

    $39 $70 Save $31

    The Anker 622 is a MagSafe battery that pops onto the back of your iPhone and passively charges your phone. It comes with an integrated PopGrip for support with PopSockets. The battery is 5,000 mAh, and it doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your iPhone. This is a great way to extend your battery life while also using PopSockets. It comes in black or a blue and white colorway. Both are good.

  • PopSockets Phone Wallet with Expanding Grip

    PopSocket/ Pocket-lint 

    PopSockets Phone Wallet with Expanding Grip

    Best MagSafe wallet with PopSockets

    The PopSockets Phone Wallet is both a MagSafe wallet with an integrated PopSockets. You can change out the pop socket at your leisure, making it great for customization. The wallet itself comes in over half a dozen colors. As a wallet, it’s good enough. It fits up to three cards, which makes it good for use at the gym. It’s a good combination of products in case you want more functionality.

  • Tacomege Phone Grip Magnetic Base 2

    Tacomege / Pocket-lint

    Tacomege Phone Grip Magnetic Base

    Best budget magnetic base

    $9 $10 Save $1

    The Tacomege Magnetic Base is another cheap, functional option for PopSockets. The base affixes to your iPhone directly or to a MagSafe-compatible case. From there, you attach the PopSockets as necessary. We like it because it’s inexpensive, lightweight, and it doesn’t add hardly any bulk. You simply pop it off to access the MagSafe magnets for things like charging. It only comes in one color, but at less than $10, that’s okay.

  • Sinjimoru A-Type Magnetic Phone Grip 2

    Sinjimoru / Pocket-lint

    Sinjimoru A-Type Magnetic Phone Grip

    Best PopSockets alternative

    $15 $18 Save $3

    The Sinjimoru A-Type Magnetic Phone Grip is a good PopSockets alternative. It’s essentially the same as the PopSockets Round Phone Grip, but it comes with its own integrated phone grip instead of PopSockets support. The grip on this one has a soft silicone cover and collapses for easy storage while your phone is in your pocket. The grip comes in five different colors and two different styles, giving you a total of 10 options.

The best MagSafe-friendly PopSockets: Which one is best for you?

It all depends on how integrated you want your PopSockets to be. The PopSockets Round Grip and PopGrip case are two examples of how you can do it. The first is just a MagSafe base while the other is a whole case. As you can see from the list above, your choices are pretty wide. Do you need an extra battery or perhaps a wallet? If you don’t need any of those things, you can toss on a Metisinno or Superone base and call it a day. The bases are the most obvious pick since you can use them on your existing MagSafe case, but you can go any way with it.

Does MagSafe PopSockets work with wireless charging?

They do not. The PopSockets affix to your iPhone exactly in the same spot as the wireless charger, so it’s not possible to have both at the same time. Fortunately, a PopSockets base is removable, at least with all the above products, so you can use other MagSafe accessories like wireless charging.

Can I use PopSockets bases on a naked phone?

Can you? Yes. Is it recommended? No. PopSockets recommends on its official website that its products only be used on an iPhone with a MagSafe case. The reason for this is that it’s a magnet. As such, it is possible to shake something like the PopGrip off of your iPhone, which can cause the phone to take a tumble and break. PopSockets won’t replace an iPhone broken this way, so the risk is yours to take.

Will a PopSockets magnetic base work with my MagSafe case?

It should work the vast majority of the time. The only time it won’t work is if the case is not MagSafe compatible or if the back of the case is an odd shape. MagSafe is a universal accessory standard for a reason, so if your case is MagSafe-compliant, it should work with a PopSockets MagSafe base.

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