WOW! Matt Gaetz EXCLUSIVELY DESTROYED Crooked FBI Director Chris Wray and THE FINAL WORDS! (VIDEO) | The Gateway Pundit | and Jim Hoft

GOVERNMENT! Gaetz JUST DID on a black Chris Wray!

This was truly EPIC!

Matt Gaetz went after Chris Wray at a Judiciary Committee hearing on Wednesday.

A corrupt FBI agent tried to enter the final word after being brutally questioned by Matt Gaetz. But Matt Gaetz didn’t disappoint and left it at that to finish his interview.

Matt Gaetz: Instead of giving straight answers, you give answers that the court later finds to be untrue. And then at the end of the day you will not oppose the obvious shakedown when directly in front of us. And it seems like you are underestimating the morals of bad people.

Chris Wray: Respectfully, Mr. Congressman, here in Florida, the number of people applying for our employment to give their lives to work for us has increased by 100 percent.

Matt Gaetz: I am so proud of them and they deserve better than you!

WOW! That must have hurt!

Well played, Congress! Well played!

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