Wordle Today (#756): Answers to words and clues for July 15


Need help with a modern Wordle solution? We’ve got the answer to Wordle (#756) on July 15, as well as helpful tips to find the answer yourself, right here. We’ve put the answer at the bottom of the page, so we don’t spoil the surprise before you have a chance to use the tips. So let’s dive in, starting with a reminder of yesterday’s answer.

Answer to yesterday’s Word

Let’s start by reminding ourselves of yesterday’s Wordle answer to newbies or non-daily gamers, which was “death.” So we can say that Wordle’s response today is not. Now, with that in mind, you might as well get one of these Introduction and around the back if you are not lucky.

Modern Vocabulary Tips

Haven’t figured it out yet? We have today’s Wordle answer right here, below. But first, one thing: Let’s look at three points that will help you find a solution, without giving, so there is no need to feel guilty for saving your life – you put another job, later! Or keep scrolling for the answer.

  • Today’s word starts with the letter C.
  • Today Wordle uses two vowels.
  • Today’s word can describe an old woman.
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Wordle answer today

No luck? Don’t sweat it – you can’t find them all! If you just want to see today’s Wordle answer to get you on your way, you can find it below.

The answer to today’s Wordle is…


Today’s Wordle interpretation

And here’s what it means, according to our good friend ChatGPT: “Crone” is a name that historically refers to an old woman, who is depicted as wise and knowledgeable. The word has connotations of age and wisdom, which are often associated with a woman who has reached the age of life. In myths and legends, the crone is often depicted as a wise old woman, often with magical or spiritual abilities. Although the word can be used casually to refer to an older woman, it is sometimes used derogatorily or to refer to an unattractive or unattractive appearance. However, it is important to know that such negative associations are based on emotional feelings and should be approached with care and respect.

Tips for tomorrow’s Wordle

It may seem like Wordle is all about luck, but there are a few great ways you can use it to help you get as much information as you can from just a few guesses, and make sure you know the last word before you run out. of trials. The most important consideration is your initials, and the trick is to raise the vowels (A, E, I, O, and U).

Some popular initials that people have had luck with are “adieu,” “media,” “arise,” and “radio.” Just make sure you don’t choose words with two letters, or you’re wasting valuable ideas. The goal here is to try to figure out which vowels the password has, and then sort it into common consonants and approach it from there.

Your second word, assuming that the first one gave you a good jumping off point, should start to lean more towards common consonants like R, S, and T. Some of the best ones we’ve seen here are “hard,” “angry.” ,” and “atone.” You don’t want to reuse any characters that appeared grayed out – you know they’re not in the text.

Now that everything is settled and meaning is taken care of, and you have some tips to crack tomorrow’s Wordle, here are some. games like Wordle you can try today.

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