Why Lola Consuelos Is Happy At Home With Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa


It is divine time Lola Consuelos.

Mark Consuelos and Kelly Ripadaughter already had a very busy summer-graduate of New York Universitycelebrating his 22nd birthday in June and releasing his new single “Divine Timing” on July 14. And just like his parents do. Stay with Kelly and MarkLola’s song makes people believe more.

“This song is me talking about God’s timing because sometimes it comes at the wrong time,” Lola told E! News’ Francesca Amiker in an exclusive interview. “How nature is looking out for you but maybe not at the right time, sad.”

And while some of her college friends might think that moving back in with their parents after graduation isn’t all that divine, Lola revealed that she’s very happy to be home again.


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