What the Pros Are Wearing: The Newest Discount Shohei Ohtani Game Model Glove

New Balance is making waves in baseball. They have always been one of the best cleat designs but their partnership with The Unicorn, Shohei Ohtani, takes them even further. Enter A2KSO17. Gloves designed for the world’s most elite players will be available in limited quantities this summer.

The A2KSO17 is the culmination of a collaboration between New Balance and Wilson, two of the most iconic names in sports. Working with renowned glove designer Shigeaki Aso, Ohtani created a pair of gloves that are truly unique. This glove is A2K at its core. Featuring Wilson staples like Tan Pro Stock Select leather and dual palm construction, the A2KSO17 will have a familiar feel to those who have handled A2Ks.

Another Wilson product is their popular SuperSkin products that range from thumb to pinky. SuperSkin is still considered the gold standard in glass manufacturing. It is light, durable, and water resistant making it perfect for 162 games.

Shohei and Aso worked on customizing the gloves to meet Ohtani’s specifications. The A2KSO17’s toes are long and from the outside model where the bag has been enlarged to reduce the chance of water damage. Wrist straps and a modified palm strap were added to ensure a secure fit that will reduce hand movement as much as possible. The coating looks similar (or similar) to SuperSkin. Ohtani also prioritizes the hardness of his gloves. Aso also included high-quality fur inserts on the thumb and pinky to meet Shohei’s wishes.

One of the most unique items is the New Balance 574 shoe which is decorated on modified laces. New Balance says this is “an acknowledgment of its relationship with New Balance beyond baseball”. The company is passionate about their athletes leaving a legacy on and off the field.

We will continue to provide updates on the gloves as they become available. Needless to say, we’re excited to see the continued growth of the diamond from New Balance.

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