What is TNT Sport, what will it show and what happened to BT Sport?

BT Sport is dead – or, rather, gone, it’s been rebranded and rebranded as TNT Sports for a new look and feel, but mostly with the same new programming. streaming service.

Now that new channels and marketing strategies have been implemented, you may be wondering what TNT Sports is, and what happened. BT Sport, then we have all the answers you need.

What is TNT Sports?

TNT Sports is a new sports streaming platform in the UK and Republic of Ireland owned by Warner Bros through its Discovery arm and is a successor to the popular BT Sport.

It has the rights to a range of sports and will have programming throughout the year to provide an alternative to Sky Sports, and has a number of channels.

How much does TNT Sports cost?

TNT Sports is running the prices BT Sport had when it switched over in mid-July 2023, so you can buy monthly membership direct for £29.99 per month.

However, like BT Sport, TNT Sports can also be included in bundles from various other providers, including Virgin Media, Sky, BT or EE, all of which can control individual prices, so you may need to check with your internet or TV provider to see if you can. to put it in bundles to make it valuable.

How can you watch TNT Sports?

Like BT Sport before it, TNT Sports can be seen through several channels, including broadcast channels through four TV channels (TNT Sports 1, TNT Sports 2, TNT Sports 3, TNT Sports 4) and six other digital channels (TNT) . Games 5-10).

All of these shows will be available through the Discovery+ app, as well, to stream online and on a variety of devices (including Android TV, Apple TV, Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV, LG Smart TVs, NOW, PlayStation 4 & 5, Roku, Samsung Smart TVs and Xbox).

If you’ve ever used the BT Sport app to access BT Sport, TNT Sports will now be available through the app, although it will be discontinued later in 2023, so you’ll want to move to the discovery+ app as soon as possible.

What does TNT Sports offer?

TNT Sports has the same list of licenses and partnerships that BT Sport had, as it is a careful rebrand rather than a reboot.

For football fans, this means they have access to Premier League games (one per weekend, usually), as well as full rights to the UEFA Champions League, FA Cup and Soccer League, as well as several European leagues.

Rugby will get matches from the Gallagher Premiership and there will also be MotoGP coverage, along with boxing events (which are sometimes paid for).

How did BT Sport happen?

If you’re new to the debate between broadcasting giants, rights and brands, we don’t blame you – you may have missed that BT Sport has changed.

All this has happened because Warner Bros Discovery bought BT Sport, and they already have Eurosport, so they want to unite the two brands under one new banner. Eurosport remains separate for now, but will eventually be folded into TNT Sports as well.

That said, as its adverts at the end of the Premier League season show, BT Sport and TNT Sports are the same in terms of viewing.

The two services are similar in terms of their list of games and matches, although there has been a slight shake-up regarding new presenters coming to other programs.

So, BT Sport is gone, but not in a way that should change the experience of watching what would have been events, which will now be carried by TNT Sports.

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