We Swear That You Should See Daniel Radcliffe Over the Years

Slytherin to our chamber of secrets because we have a lot to discuss.

Starting Daniel Radcliffewho somehow turns 34 July 23 and clearly said, “Accio, anti-age serum.”

Why? Because it feels like yesterday when an actor appeared on our screens as a famous character Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Fast forward, 22 years (!!) and now a Broadway star, nominated for an Emmy – she’s ready Best Director in a Limited Series or Anthology or Movie thanks to Amazing: The Story of Al Yankovicand a man with a very youthful face.

Yes, you read that right: Harry Potter she has a child Erin Darkewho gave birth in April.

“It’s a crazy thing, but it’s so beautiful,” she recently told E! News’ Francesca Amiker about parents. “Watching my girlfriend become a mother is the most amazing, beautiful thing for me to witness.”

Indeed, every moment together has been magical.

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