WATCH: Air Force Academy Commander Says He Supports ‘Demigender’ Integration, But Doesn’t Even Know What That Term Means | The Gateway Pundit

The director of the Air Force Academy, Lt. Gen. Richard Clark admitted that he does not know the meaning of the word “demigender” when he said that he supports the relationship to them while testifying before Congress.

Rep. Matt Gaetz was asking Clark about the Brooke Owens Fellowship, which is sponsored by the school and singles out prominent men who are not known to be idiots.

“It’s about the military that we come from, but you’re pushing a program in schools that says, if you’re a cisgender woman, transgender, non-binary, gender, bi-gender, two-spirit, demigender – what is demigender?” Gaetz asked.

Unsure of the answer, Clark tried to dance around the question.

“Sir, that’s – that’s the voice of people who qualify for special education that is available privately – it’s someone who looks at gender in a different way, unlike me, sir,” Clark answered.

Rep. Gaetz also asked what “demigender” meant, prompting Clark to admit, “I’m not sure, sir.”

According to Wikipedia, “Demigender describes the identity of someone who has little connection to their gender.”

The Florida congressman continued these questions, asking Clark if he knew what “agender” meant.

“Sir, I don’t,” Clark replied.

Agender, according to Wikipedia, means “not having a gender or ‘lacking’ a gender.”

Rep. Gaetz replied, “Here we are pushing for unity, we are calling people who don’t know what this word means.” And the first group of people, cisgender men are excluded… in the name of diversity, justice and inclusion. Should we be pushing programs that we can’t define, without involving a very large group of working people?”

Clark said the fellowship is a “developmental opportunity [cadets] as fighters and we look for every opportunity we can. “

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