US court blocks ban on government communications with social media giants | Social Media News

A judge previously barred officials from cooperating with the companies, in a lawsuit related to falsehoods and investigations.

A United States appeals court has put the matter on hold old order which prevented government agencies from contacting social media companies to influence their content.

The United States Circuit Court in New Orleans lifted the ban on Friday, pending an appeal by President Joe Biden.

The decision was made as a result of a July 4 ruling from a Louisiana state judge, prohibiting regulators from approaching technology companies with the “purpose of promoting, encouraging, coercing, or forcing in any way the removal, deletion, suppression or reduction of content” .

In doing so, United States District Judge Terry Doughty ruled that he violated the protection of free speech under the First Amendment of the Constitution.

Doughty made the decision based on a lawsuit filed by Republican attorneys general in Louisiana and Missouri, as well as several individuals.

He also said that administrations, under Mr. Biden and his Republican predecessor Donald Trump, have pressured social media companies to investigate what they fear is going viral. Misconceptions about the COVID vaccine.

Prosecutors, however, have responded that efforts to crack down on falsehoods are not equal to censorship. There is no evidence “that a threat was accompanied by any request to remove the content,” he said.

However, he warned that disconnecting from social media companies could lead to social problems limiting the power of the government expressing concerns about fake news.

Doughty’s first order was temporary, pending a final decision in the case. And it included other provisions, including allowing the government to contact Internet companies on matters of national security and terrorism.

The Biden administration said the ban “raises separation of powers concerns” by putting the judiciary “in an impossible position to monitor the communications of the executive branch”.

Social media companies named in the lawsuit include Twitter, YouTube owner Alphabet and Meta Platforms Inc, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram.

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