Twins trade rumors final 2023: Twins trade targets

As they find themselves in a neck-and-neck battle atop the AL Central, there should be plenty of trade rumors for the Twins in 2023.

Even if they try to stay above .500 for most of the season, the Twins have a chance to make it to the postseason and do some damage in October. However, it is clear that Minnesota will have to move at the trade deadline.

Twins trade rumors final 2023 & potential

So far, there has been no trade news for the Twins to share. But this may change as the trading season approaches.

But who will be the Twins’ trade targets in 2023? They will either walk slowly or be unable to follow the best players available on the stock market? Let’s take a look at the Twins’ 2023 trade deadline rumors and players they should try to acquire this summer.

Paul Goldschmidt

Regarding the Twins deadline rumors in 2023, find out Paul Goldschmidt it’s probably a long shot.

He still has one more year left on his contract after this season, so St. But if the Cardinals want to rebuild a bit and free up some money in the midst of a disappointing season, they could make Goldschmidt available.

Meanwhile, the reigning MVP could opt to waive his no-trade decision, giving the 35-year-old a chance to chase the championship. Although first baseman Alex Kirilloff has been hitting consistently this year, he doesn’t have the power of Goldschmidt. Kirilloff could also move to the outfield to address Minnesota’s problems there, so it wouldn’t be difficult to find a replacement for Goldschmidt if the Twins can find a way to acquire him.

Jeimer Candelario

I am Royce Lewis currently on IL and the Twins are not too disappointed Joseph Miranda, Kyle Farmerand so on, Jeimer Candelario should be an obvious target for the Twins in the offseason.

The journeyman has set up an exciting season for the Nationals, who will be eager to trade Candelario before he becomes a free agent this winter. He could step in and be Minnesota’s everyday third baseman for the rest of the season or until Lewis is healthy. Even with Lewis back, the Twins can find a way to play both, making Minnesota’s lineup even more important.

Mike Clevinger

Minnesota’s rotation won’t be as important at the end of the season, though Mike Clevinger it would be nice if they just want to add things. Granted, he is on IL, but if he can return by the end of July, the White Sox may consider trading him.

Clevinger is familiar with AL Central hitters and could be a starting pitcher who can help the Twins avoid injuries late in the season, especially since every game could be important in Cleveland’s rivalry game.

Gleyber Torres

Depending on the The final trade plan for the YankeesTwins can do business Gleyber Torres. The two teams reportedly discussed Torres last winter, so he’s a player on Minnesota’s radar. There isn’t a big need for Torres because the Twins don’t bench shortstop Carlos Correa and must find Jorge Polanco returning to second place before the deadline.

However, Torres would give Minnesota’s team a boost and give them an additional center fielder who could help in a number of ways. In fact, if Torres can try in the third base, he could be a valuable asset to the Twins with Lewis on the sidelines.

Randall Grichuck

There is no doubt about that Randal Grichuk will not play against the Rockies in August. He will be traded elsewhere, Minnesota being a specific option.

Despite the surprising lack of home games, Grichuk had a great season, not least because he played at Coors Field. For the Twins, Grichuk is a right fielder who can share duties Joey Gallo or Max Kepler. Realistically, Grichuk could be the Twins’ everyday player at any of the three outfield positions.

He may be lower Michael Taylor defensively in midfield, even Grichuk can play all three outfield positions. Sure, he’s a good fit in the corners, but his versatility is something the Twins will look to when considering their options.

Adam Duvall

If the Red Sox decide to sell at the trade deadline, Adam Duvall is a loan player who should be available. Like Grichuk, he is a right-handed pitcher and has wreaked havoc on left-handed pitchers this year.

They probably don’t bring the flexibility or security to the table like some other exits in the business. However, Duvall has postseason experience, helping the Braves win the World Series two seasons ago. They will bring great benefits to Gemini.

Tyler O’Neill

With the Cardinals going nowhere this season, Tyler O’Neill has long been discussed as a possible trade. He’s also Minnesota’s best running back. He is fast and can play multiple positions, including center field.

Although he hasn’t had a great offensive season, a change of scenery for a contending team may be what he needs to get going. He has one more year of controversy before he becomes a free agent, so he won’t be a loan player. A small market group like the Twins takes things like this into account when making trades, which is why O’Neill can be considered a true option for the Twins over others available on the trade market.

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