Truth Beats Fake News Right In The Face: Non-Trump Bulldog Jen Rubin Writes Entire Story Bashing Florida For Losing 674,740 People In 2021 When It Just Changed | The Gateway Pundit | and Jim Hoft


So Jen Rubin is still writing for the Washington Post. They still pretend he is a “conservative” word on paper.

This week Jen Rubin wrote hate filled with hate in Florida. Rubin swept Florida because of his politics that are driving thousands of Americans to the state from far-left states.

They allow everything to be reprinted in the WaPo.

Rubin said in his article that 674,740 Americans left Florida in 2021.

Apparently math is not his forte. Rubin changed the numbers. Florida had 674,740 to STATE in 2021.

They changed the numbers!

Instead, Jen Rubin took a line from Business Insider who also got it wrong earlier in the week.

Rubin still ran with it.

Charles W. Cooke had lunch.

It’s a train wreck.


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