Trump Is Now Trying To Get Jack Smith To Investigate Biden

Trump doesn’t understand how the special counsel works, because he’s trying to get Jack Smith to stop investigating him, and investigate President Biden instead.

Trump wrote on Social Truth:

I have an idea. Get Deranged Jack Smith to take only a “small” portion of the millions of dollars he is spending “for the purpose” of illegal activities, and allow him to go to the White House with his army to end the Cocaine problem. I wish they already knew the answer, but if it can be done, it can be done in five minutes. Is it Crooked Joe and his mysterious son, Hunter? Release your findings, release the tapes. We would have no problem managing our Nuclear Arsenal!!!

That’s not how this works. Jack Smith can’t decide to change what he wants. A special counsel is authorized for the purpose of an investigation by the attorney general. Special counsel cannot choose their own journey.

Notice how the issue changed from Trump’s point of view to Joe Biden’s confusion. Trump’s original story was that Biden used cocaine in the White House. Now Mr. Biden is doing crack and should not have nuclear weapons. It’s funny how a guy who shows stolen documents to everyone who walks into Mar-a-Lago is suddenly worried about national security.

Speaking of concerns, Trump seems to be very concerned about Jack Smith, especially since then Smith is currently investigating Trump’s post-2020 election campaign through a 1/6 attack.

Donald Trump is feeling the heat, and that’s why he’s trying to get back at Joe Biden.

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