Trisha Paytas Completes Podcast With Colleen Ballinger Amidst the Confusion

Of the entire incident, Trisha reiterated, “We’re doing all this and it’s embarrassing…it takes a lot to make me feel embarrassed.”

Trisha went on to say: “I never wanted any chapter in my life to end sooner than this one, even if it was a very small chapter, I mean it.

Reflecting on what happened to her that left her with scars, the YouTuber showed her compassion by sharing their stories.

“At the bottom I feel for the people involved,” he said. “I had relationships like this when I was younger that hurt me more than sex, student relationships that were inappropriate.”

Why did Trisha need to speak again? “I really believe in protecting my territory and happiness,” he said. “I don’t always have to defend myself but this was a very big and confusing story for me and it will forever haunt me.”

He added, “I pray that this will be done.”

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