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Review it – I can’t wear headphones “in the ears”. They just hurt so much! I also avoid the popular Apple AirPods. Apart from the orthopedic system and traditional headphones, there is an interesting central “air condition” that sits on the outside of your ear.

What is it?

TOZO OpenReal True Wireless Earbuds are a stereo, Bluetooth headphone set with Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity.

What’s in the box?

  • TOZO OpenReal True Wireless Earbuds
  • USB charging cable
  • Instructions

Hardware specifications

  • Open-Ear Design
  • Air Conduction Technology & Ergonomic Design
  • Clear Call with Dual-Mic ENC & Bluetooth 5.3
  • 16.2mm Dynamic Driver
  • Up to 14 Hours of Play & Fast Payments
  • Support TOZO APP

TOZO OpenReal True Wireless Earbuds are super light at 1 oz (30 grams)

Design and appearance

This is a close-up of one of the talking drivers. The teardrop-shaped ends are on the outside of your ear and don’t fit inside.

The exterior of the TOZO OpenReal speaker has a touch panel on the right side.

Sit down

The included cable is an electronic device that charges via USB.

I’m sure the magnets keep the moisture out, but the magnets aren’t very strong. If you hit the cable, it can release the recorder. The light on the side is red when charging. It’s dark when it’s full.

The TOZO OpenReal True Wireless Earbuds and recording wires are covered with a hard, silicone-like material. It picks up dust, lint, and shine like anything else.

Fortunately, there is a small code that explains the basic functions. When you turn the TOZO OpenReal True Wireless Earbuds on or off, you can hear music. When you send music, you hear “ba-doop!” words. The + and – buttons are raised but it’s not easy to separate them by yourself. I found the touch sensitive ear button to be useless. You have to click on the right place to register.

Yes, there is a program. I was able to adjust the EQ sound from there.


Bass lovers already know: You won’t get skull-shattering sound with these kinds of headphones. TOZO is good for casual listening, not hard listening. To understand how this topic sounds: take your favorite headphones and remove them from your ear a little.

The built-in microphone sounds great, but don’t expect miracles with a microphone that’s far from your mouth.

I wear glasses, but I didn’t feel better even after an hour of wearing the TOZO OpenReal True Wireless Earbuds. And, of course, there is no problem in the ears.

In my normal tests, I didn’t notice any Bluetooth latency between the TOZO and my 2023 Macbook Pro. Both have Bluetooth 5.3, so that probably helps.

Which I like

  • It doesn’t hurt my ears
  • No noticeable latency (when used with my Bluetooth 5.3 laptop)
  • Audio is “good enough”

What I would change

  • Strong magnet on the charger
  • A separate power button would be nice

Final thoughts

With the TOZO OpenReal True Wireless Earbuds, I think I’ve found my new Zoom headset, where I don’t need room-shaking bass, but still hear the environment around me.

Price: $49.99 at time of publication
Where to buy: ACTIVITIES and Amazon
Source: An example of this drug was given by ACTIVITIES.


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