To Gain Power, the Left Wants to Destroy the Supreme Court

Always remember: Any organization that the Left does not control, it they will want to destroy.

The Supreme Court dealt with several challenges to the Left’s debate this summer, and the left is not taking it well.

First, the supreme court ended racial discrimination in college admissions, which the Left considers necessary to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. The court then struck down President Joe Biden’s unconstitutionality student loan repayment planwhich was not popular with the voters but the most popular with a the base isf his party.

Several others Supreme Court Decisions having a very beautiful Left this time, too. If you can’t discriminate between Asians and Christians, where is the world going?

The incident has caused many left-wing commentators to start fanning the flames with ideas carrying the Supreme Court and Democrat candidates or opposition-use filed an ethics complaint-Any justice on the court who will vote against the left’s agenda.

“The group,” as the group of women, left-wing lawmakers were called, is leading a trial.

“They continue to subvert the will of the people and make history for all the wrong reasons, making laws from the bench and being politicians from the bench,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., he said of the Supreme Court on MSNBC on Sunday.

A Pew Research poll released on June 8 found that 82% of Americans say that college admissions should not be based on race. Many other polls about legitimacy, when it comes to specifics, show that Americans are opposed to racism in different ways.

Therefore, while the Supreme Court does not have the mandate to vote with the majority of the American people, in this case it does. Pressley is just that cooperation with the authorities of the organizations not the american people.

“These are the kinds of decisions that show a serious collapse of the authority of the judiciary and the establishment of power in the court,” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, DN.Y., he told CNN’s Dana Bash during the week.

Ocasio-Cortez said the Supreme Court is now “exceeding its proper, limited role in governing our country.”

Personally, this may seem like a reasonable argument. But given that Ocasio-Cortez, a well-known socialist, sees no reason to reduce government in any way. its extension purposesThis criticism does not make sense.

Pressley, Ocasio-Cortez, and the rest of the Congressional Progressive Caucus are insisting that Mr. Biden will begin appointing Democratic nominees to the Supreme Court when there is no vacancy, even if he does not have the votes to pass.

“Recent Supreme Court rulings that gutted broad protections for reproductive rights, voting rights, and more have undermined public confidence in the court — even as improper financial relationships between judges and conservative donors have raised new questions about its integrity,” Rep. Don. Beyer, D-Va., a member of the progressive caucus, said in a written statement.

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has also indicated that she may be a member of the judiciary for Democrats.

“It’s been 150 years since the court expanded,” Pelosi said he said in an interview with MSNBCaddition:

It was during Lincoln’s time that it went up to 9. So, the issue of this happening is a discussion. It is not, say, a rallying cry. But it’s a conversation. The president created the agency, he did not promote the growth of the court, this should not be the end of it.

Pelosi also mentioned the idea of ​​establishing term limits for Supreme Court justices, who serve until they retire or die.

That’s because the Left feels it’s losing a long-running battle at the Supreme Court, which it relied on to confirm or advance its agenda.

People on the left are angry that the court under Chief Justice John Roberts has been unwilling to follow the basics of Warren Court litigants in the 1950s and ’60s. Don’t worry if these rulings didn’t go over well with most Americans, in the past the Left celebrated the Supreme Court. act as a kind of super-command.

The right responded to the scandal not by calling for the destruction of the Supreme Court, but by building a long-standing legal and political base to push strong, grassroots justices to the bench. The left depended on institutional stability and demagogic politics—and a great deal of support from social media– pick up the date.

The left’s thinking has gone haywire in the last few years, which is why we’re seeing leftists turning to the Supreme Court in the air. They are not used to having any body against them at this point, especially one not as powerful as the Supreme Court.

Biden and the Left know they can’t do well on the Supreme Court, not now. That idea is not very popular and it affects many Americans like the trend seen in the banana republic.

However, the Left can force reluctant judges to resign, hoping to replace them while Democrats are in the White House. In addition, the left will continue to make a case against the judges for any fraud they think will fly with the American people.

Worst of all, the Left will question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court itself. This is being done to pave the way for leftists to do what they want and “reorganize” the court to give them the choices they want, as Dan McLaughlin of the National Review put it on Twitter.

Will the Left get its way? Currently, no.

But the Democrats cynics, the ways of the world to burn it is bad for the republic. They don’t even care about it restore the power of Congress in our legal system, or state borders, or any of that.

The left wants power, doesn’t care where it comes from, and is perfectly fine plunging this country into violence and chaos to get it.

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