Tim Tszyu eyes the super welterweight unit after Charlo’s disaster


Tim Tszyu He says he will continue to hunt Jermell Charlo if the American would still be at super middleweight after his fight with Canelo Alvarez, while calling on the Mexican star. ruining his chances of beating the Texan for the undisputed super welterweight title.

Although the sanctioning bodies have yet to announce the title at 154 lbs based on Canelo-Charlo’s announcement, Tszyu has been named WBO super welterweight champion for the time being and will remain active in the division, fighting for a WBC title. Longtime champion Brian Mendoza, the event the Aussie owns.

The Australian champion said he will fight at super welterweight for three to four minutes before looking at the middleweight division, to take on the likes of Charlo, Alvarez and Errol Spence Jr, who has said he will step up again. after taking on Terence Crawford for all four welterweight titles in the last weekend of July.

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A move to middleweight could also open the door to a potential fight with rival Michael Zerafa, should the Victorian win the WBA title fight he wants, although Tszyu downplayed any chance of that.

Speaking to the media for the first time since Charlo signed on to fight Alvarez, Tszyu revealed he was in the bathroom “beating the shit” when he found out the fight was over.

“I was at home and I saw it on Instagram, I thought ‘nah he’s taking the piss isn’t he?’ “I was so scared. I couldn’t believe it,” said Tszyu.

“He’s the bloke I’ve always wanted. After a few angry days, I just moved on. I’m sure there will be bigger things than little Charlo.”

Tszyu said that fighting America is the most important thing for him, even if he gets a lot of weight, but he also knows that this will not happen. However, he also knows that if he wants big fights, he has to jump in weight. What about Charlo’s chances against Alvarez?

“I think he’s sick of his ass,” Tszyu said.

“Charlo is gunna lose. (But) he’s going to lose his next fight no matter what.

“It was me or Canelo.

“So they choose to take the one with the biggest payday – the easy one.

“Now I’m mad at Canelo. He took what I wanted and now he’s on the roster.

“I’m going to be like John Wick. Call me John Wick from now on. He’s a winner. I’ve got three or four fights left in the super welterweight division. Anything that brings more interest to the division, that’s when I’ll step up.

“I’ll have a fight in the middle of October, the end of December and then the big one in (probably) March, April, May.”

Tszyu said his goal was to start a joint fight with Mendoza before looking to take down the likes of Spence Jr and the big name fighters.

“If I get promoted to the WBO championship there are a lot of profitable fights available. If I can fight Mendoza and connect with two belts then there are very profitable fights going on,” he said.

“I think it makes sense for both teams to agree so I agree and one of us comes with two belts. I want the WBC belt. The green one, here,” he said shaking his left shoulder.

“I think the decision is to strike now,” he continued with his move.

“Bringing a great man here.

“It makes good financial sense for all parties and it’s broadcast to America so they can see it too.

“Then there’s no problem fighting here.”

Tszyu told Crawford to take part in this month’s fight against Spence Jnr.

He said Crawford’s “IQ fight is fine” – but he would prefer to fight Spence once he moves up in weight, in a fight that will be full of “hate.” However, he cannot forget about Charlo and what could have been.

“But I’m going to him (Charlo). When I came into the game, it was like belts and this and this could be good but my attitude changed,” he said.

“Belts can’t describe me. All they can describe me is great, a legacy that I keep and make my family, friends and all of Australia proud.

“The belts are part of it but if there are no belts then so be it. I’ll fight Jermell without the belts, I don’t really care.”

As for Zerafa, Tszyu said he would be open to fighting his biggest opponent, but only if he holds the WBA middleweight title. Tszyu doubts the Melburnian will win, after all getting his shot at accepting the rest of the money.

“If he has a belt? Yes, of course,” said Tszyu.

“But he’s not getting the belt and he’s not getting the respect.

“That’s right.

“The advertisers in America, and I know for a fact, they don’t know what to do with the bloke.

“That’s why they give him the rest of the money.

“What did he get paid, 40 grand to leave? That’s the way he is.

“So they tell me how they got the money?

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